BUMO-The universal trust network

There are lots of advantages of using the internet one of which is the fact that users can be able to connect with everyone in the world irrespective of how far apart they are. For example, through the use of the internet, a cryptocurrency writer can write an article in China and forward it to an editor in Nigeria and everything would go on fine, but then, the use of the internet has some limitations, all of which could lead to hijacking of data and even corruption.

The solution to this would be a universal blockchain where data can be transferred to as many people as possible, and that is where BUMO comes in.

BUMO is a platform which makes use of the newest global block chain whose main vision is to provide a decentralized programme which would encourage very fast and safe transactions.

Note that BUMO is not lacking in team members who have the zeal for presenting solutions to some of the problems users of cryptocurrency pays during transactions.

Advantages of using BUMO

  • Currently, with the use of BUMO, thousands of transactions can be done just in a second.
  • When people make transactions with BUMO, it is very very easy for their values to be made transferable without stress.
  • All the assets of the users can be used to establish a currency as legal tender. This includes the assets that are both digital and physical.
  • With BUMO, transactions are not just fast, they are also very safe.

Checkout the participants in Bumo

  • Node: This is a great device that is fixed to the network.
  • Validator nodes

  • Candidate nodes

Note that when more than one device is connected to BUMO, it would make the network prevalent and everywhere at the same time.

The holders of BUMO token officially have the right to vote to influence the running of it's ecosystem.

It should be noted that the advantages of using BUMO which are the fact that it is very accessible, safe and fast would definitely encourage new set of people who would buy and sell value without having issues.For more information, check

[BUMO Website](BUMO](https://www.bumo.io/)
BUMO WhitePaper
BUMO TechnicalPaper
BUMO Telegram
BUMO Weibo
BUMO Reddit
BUMO Facebook
BUMO Twitter
BUMO Github
BUMO Wallet
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