Use Goldilock for your Wallet Security

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Goldilock is the latest type of storage system as cold storage for the time needed by users to access funds and data. When customers need access to a personal data server, the physical device will store all information that is connected to the internet and users will be able to access via non-IP technology with a very secure authentication layer. Goldilock uses the NEO and Goldilock platforms to share several core values ​​that are perfect technology on it to build Goldilock. Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by building ecosystems for safe cryptocurrency and digital assets for individuals.


Basically Goldilock suggests that your data cannot be directly connected to the internet when you don't use it, but you can access it if you want.


You as the owner of cryptocurrency, the main priority is to protect your personal data can still be accessed if a certain period is cooled. You don't need to bring the device to open the device. Goldilock is a private key that is not exposed.


The Goldilock team has reliable experience in the fields of financial services, technology and marketing. With Goldilock the method of storing and securing personal data on the internet will be guaranteed from time to time.

Here are the names of the teams at Goldilock:

1. Tony Hasek (Co-Founder)

2. Jarrod Epps (Co-Founder, CEO)

3. Brett Miller (CTO)

4. Juraj Vitko (senior architect)

5. Joel Garcia (Blockchain Expert)

6. Andres Jaramillo (Blockchain Senior Developer)

7. Mike Alvarez (Blockchain Developer)

8. Matty Ayers (Art Director)

9. Nat Carruthers (User Design Director)

10. David Pasek

11. Don Olechowski

12. Paul Wallis

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Great team and product! Will check it out.

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