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Goldilock, is a platform created to provide solutions to the growing discontent of many users of having to expose and use their information online, whether personal, work and above all those who store their cryptocurrencies or simply encrypted information, Goldilock keeps all their information , very well sheltered from the Internet, to win a battle for those who try to steal this information and monetary gains.

The advantage offered by Goldilock is that even if the data is kept out of the network, the user can use them whenever they wish. the device that stores the information stays connected to the internet and gives the user a limited time of use through non-IP technology with secured authentication layers. All this has the Goldilock vaults which allow total confidence, so their services have been requested by banks, credit agencies. medical service agencies, among others, as a technology that will change the way in which data is stored on the internet today.

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Goldilock secures the information either personal or encrypted but nevertheless as its access is limited leads to discontent and mistrust by risks due to ignorance of the platform and these are based on the user must understand the technology, the devices can be broken or lose and you can not get the information unless the device is connected to the internet.

The benefits.

The benefits that Goldilock offers to keep this data and information out of the internet system are unparalleled thanks to the airgap system to avoid that they are at great risk of being taken over by hackers and unscrupulous users who sometimes try to steal or copy information. That must be kept hidden and safeguarded is here when all the services that Goldilock through LOCK offers when securing the tokens through security that is not within the reach of pirates come into play.

Goldilock and NEO.

NEO and Goldilock share the policy that, if it is connected to the internet, it can be pirated, that is why both networks work together and NEO became the first platform that has worked withGoldilock but after this momentum many more will join to this gigantic and ingenious project that promises complete data security.

You will need the LOCK token to access the Goldilock wallet.
When you log into the Goldilock wallet , Wallet will query the public chain of the NEO Block to confirm that the address of the user's public key has a LOCK token.
If the address of the user's public key has a LOCK token, then the Goldilock wallet will open in the user's browser.

Puntaje de crédito.

Banks, insurance companies, credit agencies, and other institutions interested in working with the technology offered by Goldilock , can benefit from their services because they are reliable and also have stability when it comes to safeguarding their products despite the fact that Goldilock in appearance is reflected more as personal use, its broad performance in terms of security and protection raises the bar and shows that Goldilock is a powerful platform and has the best equipment that guarantees peace of mind.



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