Ritual Music #2 (video by @schamangerbert)


As promised, today there is another music video to enjoy. I have now additionally used an effect device, so that the electric Tabla has now a rich reverb, a few extra overtones and bass tones and a 3D surround sound. I play an original Australian didgeridoo and the shruti box with it.

Music to immerse yourself in your own past, I wish you a pleasant journey!

Wie versprochen gibt es heute ein weiteres Musikvideo zum geniesen. Ich habe nun noch zusätzlich ein Effektgerät verwendet, so dass die elektrische Tabla nun einen satten Reverb, ein paar zusätzliche Obertöne und Baßtöne sowie einen 3D Raumklang von sich geben kann. Dazu spiele ich ein original australisches Didgeridoo und die Shruti-Box.

Musik zum Eintauchen in die eigene Vergangenheit, ich wünsche ein gute Reise!



Bis nächstes Mal! / See you next time!

Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit! / Thank you for your attention!

Original content by @schamangerbert

Schaman GerbertIMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful set of vibrations! You have very strong lings for a very thin person!!
Strange I can hear some Chinese melody at the back of the main African and Aboriginal sounds! Must be my ears being too imaginative again!
Very nice work! Hope to see some new sets soon!


another showcase of another talent of yours captain, the sound is really unique. we think maybe you , our mom @zephalexia and aunt @avhyaceulip and us too can collaborate to make beautiful music

Always take care captain, we love you 👶😍❤️❤️❤️

Das finde ich auch richtig cool - und TRaNCig!!!

Hello Schaman, I only closed eyes ans just relaxed.Before sleeping it is ideal music. Thank you.

fabulous one


This music is very unique and very different from all the others. I felt so relaxed and never wanted it to stop!....
when it stoped...i didn't feel
feeling of this music always stay in my mind...
thanks a lot @schamangerbert


Thanks for your great comment!

This is truly the most amazing track I have ever heard. I am so glad that there are people out there who appreciate the raw talent in music. I feel that instruments pierce the soul with their beauty. Yes, vocals create a similar sensation, but they are not as powerful. This is truly beautiful, so bravo!


Comments like this make my continue, the next will be out soon!

"WOW" Superb!!!!!! You are a multi talented person who see the world in a very different,creative way!!!!! I like that person living inside you!!!!!


Thank you!

Wenn man die Augen schließt ist es richtig gut zum abschalten und entspannen, danach fühlt man sich gleich wieder erholter.


Genau so soll es sein, danke für's reinhören!

Excellent video, the detail is very important because the music helps us to rise to outer space and have better vision.

This music allows adequate relaxation.

Thanks my dear brother @schamangerbert


It is my pleasure!

you are now getting great in playing these absolutely loving it :)


That's played so nicely and wonderfully done Great rhythm you have got it was nice to see thanks a lot for sharing !

great one sir :)


Thanks a lot!

It is difficult to hear the different sounds, but still nice playing my grandpa has one of these.

@schamangerbert you've done a great work, Lovely story line. Well I don't understand French but I go extra mile to find the meaning but it's a great innovation. Love your post.

this music video is really an amazing this to watch you playing its interesting :)

Thanks for sharing it bro once again lovely tunes there to listen incredible video :)

hello dear lovely @sir...
good #morning...wow...Superb...You are a multi talented person who see the world in a very different,creative way...I like that person living inside you..


,,I do not know English,,,
please forgive me,,,sorry sir


i am very happy sir....
thank you sir..
i love you all time..
& i like your all post....

this is really impressive, I love the flow of the beat