Mother of Darkness, a new collaboration!

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Extra, extra!!! New music for your ears!!! An amazing collaboration from artists on Circle of Death Records!


I've met quite a few amazing musicians on Steemit in the year and a half that I've been on here. Even found a tribe of other lovers of metal and rock on here and on Discord. With technology being what it is today, this means that we as musicians are able to break out of our shells and do things that were thought to be a mad dream... Making music with other great musicians around the world, all without leaving our homes.

And this is a prime example of what our community we have here between musicians, can do.

A few months ago, @davidfar came to me and asked if my husband (the guitarist of our band, Sacrifice The Truth) @hangrydwarf, would like to put a metal guitar part to an intro that he had written. Of course he said yes, and the collaborating began. David was also talking to the awesome @thomasrobertgent about a drum part. So we all went to the studio and began creating a song from the beautiful intro that David had sent us. Then came lyrics, vocal parts by both me and Tom, the bass part which was done by our bassist Boyer. The cherry on top was the hauntingly beautiful outro later added by David!

This is the first time that I have ever made music with musicians in different corners of the world, and I have to say, it was so much fun! David and Tom both are super creative and know how to communicate amazingly well! I knew the first moment I heard the intro that this song was going to be amazing! It still gives me chills when I listen to it! I really hope that you all enjoy and also go give @davidfar and @thomasrobertgent some love! These guys are some very talented musicians and also have their own music! We are all on the same label, Circle of Death Records which was made for the metal heads of Steemit by @lk666 (who is also an amazing musician!). You can find our collaboration, Mother Of Darkness from us here on Choon! And all of the Circle of Death artists are on every music streaming site as well! (Links below)

I really hope you all enjoy! Please feel free to let me know what you think of our song! Thank you to all the guys for including my punk ass in this amazing song! You all rock!!!!!


Edit to add lyrics and cover image credit: @davidfar.

Mother Of Darkness

The mother of darkness is inside you

Inside you, inside of you
Why are you running from me, you were living inside me
Come back to me my son, this is where you belong
Why are you scared of me, why can’t you just trust me

This dark beauty lives again, smothered in disgrace and sin
You’ll never know just where she’s been, cold, dark eyes they stare within

Her truth set in darkness, you tried but cannot fight this
Go where there is no sun, the battle has begun
Why do you deny me, why do you stare at me
Learn to live without light, this dark is now your life

This dark beauty lives again, smothered in disgrace and sin
You’ll never know just where she’s been, cold, dark eyes they stare within

They stare within, they stare within
Let these burning lies light the way

I look deep into dark eyes, devoid like the sky
We’ll watch as this plague grows, our fortunes have been told
We’ll crash and merge as one, this world is overrun
I feel the end, Mother Darkness reigns again.

This dark beauty lives again, smothered in disgrace and sin
You’ll never know just where she’s been, cold, dark eyes they stare within




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Thanks for looking and hope to see you again soon!

Ask me how to join the Steemit Local Music Society and Metal Tribe on Discord!

Banners made by @bembelmaniac

Check out other artists from Circle of Death and keep up to date on the Website and Facebook:

Rachell's new single "Restless Minds" @thomasrobertgent and @kirvic-aguilera

Davood Faramarizi's single "Circle" @davidfar

Tom Gent's EP "Tactical Response Unit" @thomasrobertgent

Morktra's Full length album "In The Earth I Will Be Free" @lk666

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@rockchickjen, the name perfectly match with what you have present. The beginning of the music, it really sound like darkness is coming. I love how you all composed this song, it terrific. and I didn't expect a rock and rap in the middle after the intro. And it perfectly match. Who sing in the background ? I love their voice as well. It brought the song into another mysterious level. This really a terrific album.
Who design the cover? It so match with song title. sorry for so many questions maybe because i was excited after listen to the music.


Thanks for the awesome comment! I am doing the singing for the chorus and @thomasrobertgent is doing the screaming for the verses. I also edited the post to include lyrics and photo credit! ;) And no worries about the questions! I don't mind at all!


you have a lovely voice @rockchickjen, hahhaaha that is not screaming. But i love both of the voices. You have covered everything in your post now :P From the cover, lyric until the banner. That was great!!..


Hope you guys create more lovely musics and bring a love of joys through music to us.

Ok first of all I am honored to be part of this track! When David asked my wife @rockchickjen if I would write a guitar part for his intro I am not gonna lie I was like what the fuck...... How am I gonna compete with his amazing gutair work..... So I listened for a good long while and composed what you hear....not sure if David would like it.... It seems that he did.. And when I heard Tom's drum part there was another fuck...... And of course my wife with her great writing ability a d fantastic voice dropping in the mix as well as Tom's screaming wow!!! Lastly our bass player who was so kind to help out with the beef. Thanks to all who participated with this!


Thank you so much Davis, I completely loved this piece, you are performing electric guitar so perfect, I really enjoyed working with you guys, I thanks all the artists who participated with this too. \m/


Any time! Glad you liked my part!


Thanks dude!!!


Thank you :)

Ahhhhh such a pleasure, we have to do this more often


It was really great, thank you Tom! Rock on \m/


I agree!!! I'm always up for making music with any of you guys! \m/

Bout fuckin time!

Jaw is still dropped! Fucking WOW! Great collaboration and cheers to all! It was nothing what I expected and better than I could have imagined! Everyone involved gave a stellar performance!


Hey Michael! :D thank you so much! nice to have your kind feedback!


You are so welcome! You are a true master of your craft. Nothing short of amazing!


Hehe! Thanks dude! Tom and David both are just such bad asses! It was a true pleasure to work with them and I look forward to making some more music with them in the future! ;)

At the beginning of the song I thought.. well, it's kind of dark but it's also peaceful at the same time.. and then it started :D I always wondered if those guys singing like this don't have sore throat all the time.. or if they still can speak with their normal voice :) It must be so exhausting to sing this way (in my humble opinion) :)

I love this collaboration. It's great that nowadays people can create different things together without ever meeting each other. This is a big advantage of this age :)

Thank you for sharing and cheers to another great future collaborations!


Thank you so much for kind feedback, well actually singing harsh is a technique which when you perform it correct, it will never hurt your throat. You can see zen of screaming and its warm ups and more techniques they are practicing.

<3 thanks again for kind words, we are all happy that you loved this track.


Thanks for the kind words! There is more talent involved in growling and screaming than most people think! And proper technique is a definite must! Other wise you will severely damage your vocal chords. So happy that you liked it!


Thank you for getting back to me @davidfar and @rockchickjen. I'm sure that there is a lot of talent involved in 'growling and screaming' as I personally am not able to do it. I'm glad to hear that there are techniques and warm ups to protect their vocal chords. I really wondered how it works :)

Im so happy for collaborating with you my friends, it was a great experience with many great artists like you Jen and Davis, Tom and the band sacrifice the truth,, all show their power in this track. Amazing!
and I want to Thanks Frank Morktra for supporting us with Circle of Death label.


Thanks for the amazingly beautiful intro and backbone for this! ;) I never once imagined that Steemit and Discord could bring me such great people to be creative with and have so much fun without even meeting them! It's a truly amazing experience! And yes, @lk666 is an awesome dude with an awesome heart! Thanks to him for running the label and the amazing support as well!

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Your experience as a musician only reaffirms my belief that this is the best time to be alive. technology connects us and a place like steemit, allows us to take out the best of us. It makes me happy as people from all over the world create bonds and commit themselves. great work gurl...


I agree! And thank you! I never once imagined that I would be doing something like this. Meeting so many people from around the world with similar interests and a single love for music wasn't something that I expected to find. We tend to go about our daily lives without even realizing that the world is such a vast place, and although we may have different colored skin or different beliefs, we are only human. And it's so amazing when you meet such inspiring people! Especially when you get to be in a creative group along with them! That's the kind of experience that I live for! Thanks for commenting!


I agree too! I never once imagined that I would be talking with people of all over the world. I from venezuela and in particulary don't have the oportunity to met people from another countrys. Steemit show me a very important lesson. no matter the distance, always is someone in the world for you.. for talk about music, to create new things. Our example here is clear. I'm not a musician, but I like music. we have that in common and now were'er talking.

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Thank you for this presentation obviously you put a lot of work and efforts and the collaboration work of many different people but who have the same aim produced that unique music. The beginning of it is wonderful starts with original instruments and beautiful sounds, I love live orchestra and single instruments, but you have some surprises in the middle and that is like it should be a peak, it is a secret how to keep people interested and not drifting away asleep. Really good work and my congratulation with the birth of "Mother of darkness"!