The Song I Wrote With My Birth Mother After She Found Me

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When I was 19 years old, I got a phone call that changed my life. A woman's voice said, "Almost 20 years ago, I gave away a baby girl for adoption." As she gave me the details of the child she'd relinquished, I realized that child was me. Until that moment, my birth mother had been only a vague notion in my head -- the young woman in trouble who had made a difficult decision. Now, suddenly, she was a real human being. "I gave you away because I loved you," she said. "I know." I answered.

Joanie and I, shortly after meeting

There has never been any doubt she found the right person. Our features are alike, a strange thing to experience when I'd never met anyone who looked like me. She shares my weird quirks, my night owl tendencies, my love of paper. We're both writers. She writes poetry and nonfiction; I write mostly stories and songs. When we met in person for the first time, I put my hand against hers, and they were a perfect match.

We wrote a song together a year after we met. The lyrics came from her poetry; the piano and vocals from me. On my 21st birthday, she gave me the gift of a studio session so I could record it. In her book, Cold Paper, A Mother's Search For Her Daughter, she wrote how she felt when she listened to the CD:

"and now I hold it in my hand
and hear her voice,
remembering once I asked
who will sing for me?
and now we sing together. "

The song is called "Infinity."


Omg you two are identical ! It's funny how we can resemble our parents in so many different ways and still be so different. My father is really into the idea of generational memory and when we both share don't our passion for writing with each other a few weeks ago, we discovered we have similar styles, kind of proving his point to some degree. We differ in our interpretations of that concept though, he believes we are destined to carry the positive and negatives forrever, I believe that we inherit the gifts and the baggage from our parents and it's our job to turn the baggage into more gifts.

I'm interested in generational memory too, ever since I saw an article about it a few years ago. There was a lot of trauma in my birth-grandmother's family, and I think it has affected her children and grandchildren. I really love your idea that we can turn that baggage into more gifts.

That's my experience anyway. I grew up with a lot of issues that were obviously inherited either through nature or through nurture and really exaggerated by the environment. If I hadn't learned to transform myself, I don't think I'd be here today.

There's an African shaman who talks about this in a less scientific way but some of those ideas about ancestors are really similar to generational memory. I think is name is professor malidoma some? I need to check.

You should write more, I really enjoy your posts

Thank you! I'm taking some time off from work soon to hopefully write more.

Have you written any articles about how you transformed yourself? I'm still struggling with that and would love to read them.

The next two should be more personal in nature, I'll probably post one early in the week

Beautiful story, beautiful song, beautiful women. Thank you :)

What a beautiful song and story behind it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Look forward to hearing more.

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Thank you!!

So beautiful and touching. Thanks for sharing this :)

Thank you! :-D

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