NEW MUSIC RELEASE! (Black Woman): Brief Analysis

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Hello steemians, it is my pleasure to share with you another self-produced music of mine titled “Black Woman” which I released a few weeks back on choon. This song, as usual, is an Afro/Funk fusion with some very strong Jazz elements. The song was built basically upon some very jazzy horn samples which I purchased on Loopcloud.

The chordal structure of the song is a very simple one as it utilizes basically just two chords which I enhanced by trying out varieties of voicings for these chords in order to avoid predictability. I used a synth sound from Reason 10’s legendary Europa, an organ, a piano, and a pad to create a more complex harmonic section. I hope to make a more detailed description (probably a video) describing the entire process of creating the instrumental in a subsequent post. Below is an embedded SoundCloud link to the song:

The lyric

Verse (one)
So humble but she no de fear (she’s not afraid of nothing)
She no de rush, she no de carry last
You give her just one she’s gon turn it to a hundred
She’s a magic maker she can make you laugh
Black woman my woman
Strong woman good woman
Black woman my woman
Good woman strong woman
The color of her skin is the color of power (she represent power)
That is why some people don't like her
You can't put her down cos she’s way too strong

Black woman black woman I sing this one for you
No matter where you dey no matter where you go
You be strong woman good woman
You be fine woman my woman (×2)
Black woman no let nobody put you down
You be strong woman good woman
You be fine woman my woman(×2)

Verse (two)
Unapologetically black
She pass here every man turn ask who that
You know black woman eh eh
She’s golden and her soul is silver
Black woman even though she’s strong
She no go ever fail to give her man respect
Black woman no de lie
Black woman so strong
Black woman so fine
I love my black woman

(Sampled speech from Kathleen Cleaver)

(Repeat chorus)

The cover art was designed by a musician friend of mine who also runs an online magazine which you can read here

Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy it.


Wow! That's some good stuff there. Had to resteem it. Go, man! Strong message. Good rhythm. I love the speech sample. I think I heard that sample used in a Black Panther documentary I saw in the past. Not sure. Man! This is so good.

Thank you, man, I appreciate.

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