🎤 Open Mic at Halo's went well.... As predicted (with Video) 🎼

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On the corner of Sahara and Decatur in Las Vegas Nevada, you'll find a hidden gem called Halo's. The Bar/Grill is connected to other business outlets in the area with just the sign for display right above the door. Nothing else. They also have a stage, back area, smoking pits out front, dancefloor and clean bathroom (Well, I can speak for the men's lol). I recommend spending some time at this establishment. If live performances on the open mic are your thing be sure to show up around 7:30 pm.

The crowd was really getting in tune with "Stay Steady Mackin'" That is my number lead wherever I go. The person in the second picture is also named Will. We both have the first name William, plus we both served with the Nevada National Guard. How cool is that? He mentioned to me that he was one of the leaders of Weed for Warriors. One of the better in the leadership. To be honest one the best veterans I've met so far in the town. Vegas can suck you in a whole during the wrong slip up.

Elder-Son Stay Steady Mackin - Live Las Vegas NV at Halo's
All rights reserved by Montauk Boys Productions.

I was the only one doing live music. The rest was comedy acts, which is really funny and will be uploaded after getting a new video editing program (so please upvote :) Well, I'll leave you some more photos on the inside of this beautiful place. I need to find a mobile app and figure out how to use D.live. Using Live.Me at a place like this had my views growing like crazy Stay tuned to #soldiermusic You'll also see a direct link to the song at the bottom of the post

Wait there is more!!!!!

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Elder-Son: Stay Steady Mackin

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