DevilSpeak | Unearth Hell

in originalmusic •  9 months ago

We proudly bring you the long awaited single off of our soon to be released EP: See Evil - Hear Evil - Speak Evil

DevilSpeak - Unearth Hell

You can also listen to it on Bandcamp and Soundcloud... Enjoy it Loud !!!

War is here
The gate is open, it’s time to look in
Eyes blind for a short time, blood curdles
All hell stares back, demons from the world of old
Gods in the time before that
In their eyes certain truth shines, like a blinding light sent from the heart of hell

Tear the veil at the seams, until you feel the scab bleeding
Unearth hell, invoke let it be done
Rip the pulse until it bleeds, unearth hell invoke the unknown
It’s the only way to control what you will

With a sick blinding fashion they ascended upon terra
One to the west, to the north, to the south and east
All quarters corner posts embedded in the earth, they set their dominion to reign.
Fulfulling promises darkening churches, behold your blessings turn to curses

Tear the veil at the seams, until you feel the scab bleeding
Rip at the pulse, invoke, let it be done
Tear the veil until it bleeds, unearth hell invoke the unknown
It’s the only way, now control let your will be done

Once that voice was heard, with a blinding fabrication just more glorious than before
They all leapt forth and scattered across the earth setting their intentions and dominion to reign
Fulfulling promises darkening churches behold your blessings they turn to curses
Now you fall at your knees and pray to the one you ran from

If only I had a corpse willing

Tear the veil at the seams until you feel the scab bleeding
Rip at the pulse invoke it is done
Tear the veil until it bleeds unearth hell invoke the unknown
It’s the only way now control what you will become

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Dude this is so cool. I can get a hardcore gym workout in with this track :D

Nicely done. Personally, this is not my preferred style of music, but I appreciate the work you put into this. I like the sound of the crunch on the guitar. Nice distortion quality.

Also well done for the post rewards! Killing it :) Talk soon.


Thanks alot Zane ... wait until you hear the rest of it , im sure you'll get a rather decent work out then. keep kicking @enazwahsdarb \m/


Hahaha yeah man certainly! Thanks brother :)

Talk soon.


..... Glad you dig it !

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Love it and can't wait for our next gig together. Keep it up guys.


Stoked you enjoying it .. yeah we must talk about another gig bromeego... lank fun with you crazies

@devilspeak We need remain informed and concentrate on things that are hidden from the majority.


I cant dissagree on that, the unseen is something that affects all of us in different ways ... stretch forth and conquer @dawnasheelagh metal
leave a message and an impression ... do not you hold a love to someone because it will kill you ... drifting in solitude for too long ... and difficult to love others .... move on steemian love .. greated @ academix87


hey dude .. much apreciated !!!

@devilspeak Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts..