Stuck In The Past............ || Original Love Poems.

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Dark at the night,
In that black corner,
There sits a monster,
With a soft purr,

It's name is past,
Born from the moments,
Feed on our soul,
It affects the present,

Holding onto you,
Won't let you go,
If you don't resist,
This evil foe,

It can't be changed,
It can't be undone,
It's the only thing,
From which you can't run,

The only way now,
To get rid of the monster,
Is killing it now,
With a "present" dagger,

Don't let it get,
On your mind and your soul,
Cause destroying you,
Is the monster's ultimate goal,

If you be a victim,
Of your past things,
Only tears and sorrows,
Is what it will always brings,

So be away of things,
And person that reminds your past,
Or else forever you will be,
A warrior stuck in the past.

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I love you, My angel.


nice :)

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