She Is The Best Of All.................... || Original Love Poems.

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They have hate,
They show fake love,
Just like a monster,
With a pretty face above,

Have you ever asked,
What is my happiness,
Have you ever asked,
What is my likeness,

No they didn't,
Maybe cause they don't know,
Or maybe the case,
That they don't want to know,

Asking for just a little thing,
Show some love and a little respect,
Not to me I said, I don't want that,
To my love is what atleast I expect,

Maybe you all never cared,
Just busy in your own world,
They say we are your family,
While she is my only world,

So I will be forever with her,
Even it's hardest of the times,
Walking every inch of this,
One of the hardest climbs

So with my girl, my world shines,
Joy and happiness is what is mine,
Even though the world hates me its fine,
Cause she feels like an angel divine,

So yet again I say,
I love my angel,
And soon you all will know,
For me she is the best of all.

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Wish you all out there who love someone, to be with him/her for your entire lifetime :]

I Love You, my angel,

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