My Lovely Lady.................... || Original Love Poems.

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I met a girl,
So beautiful and sweet,
Felt like she is the one,
For whom my heart beats,

Gave her love,
As much as I can,
Gave her respect,
Cause I'm her man,

This poem is about,
The girl I met,
The lady of my life,
I will never forget,

Waiting there looking around,
When my heart is racing fast,
I just wanted these,
Distance to never last,

A little nervous,
A little panic,
The wait was making me,
Maybe some kind of sick,

Gently someone,
Touched my shoulder,
I couldn't believe,
It was her,

She looked so pretty,
More than what I thought,
In her eyes was,
Instantly my heart caught,

Hearing my name from her,
Sounded like a peaceful chant,
She is like the gift,
Of all my wishes grant,

For the first time,
I hold her in my arms,
Kissed her gently,
Receiving queen in her realm,

Finally together with,
Whom I want to be,
I can't believe I am,
With my lovely lady.

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I love you, My angel.

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