Look At Yourself Through My Eyes......................... || Original Love Poems.

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She says she is not good,
While she is the best of all,
She says she is a big mess,
While she is my princess doll,

She said to look her dull sleepy eyes,
All I can see is the shiny world inside,
She said to look, her not so good smile,
But when I looked, can only see my bride,

She thinks she is not pretty,
Think she is an average,
I just want to say my girl,
You have your wrong image,

All I can see is little princess on road,
Like a queen she took all over my heart,
Those pretty eyes which smile with your lips,
Compel me to say love you my sweetheart,

But when you are mad you look more pretty,
That hotness on your face, with fire in the eyes,
Just staring at you and looking all these things,
Can't keep track about when the time flies,

So when you say you are a mess baby,
Whatever you say my heart completely denies,
You are my princess girl you know that,
Just look at yourself through my eyes.

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Wish you all out there who love someone, to be with him/her for your entire lifetime :]

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