I Want To See........................... || Original Love Poems.

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Since the day one,
I have been with you,
In your sorrows and joys,
Always beside of you,

I will be all yours,
Is what I promised,
In return I ask the same,
Like I am heavenly blessed,

I can't promise that,
You will have what you ask for,
But I can promise that,
I will try the best to lay it on the floor,

I can't promise that,
You will have the happiest life,
But I can promise that,
In every sorrow I will always be with my wife,

So as I sit here,
With a book and a pen,
Writing down a lovely poem,
Waiting to see her again,

So as when you come,
In your arms you hold me,
Gently I will kiss your forehead,
Is what I want to see.

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Wish you all out there who love someone, to be with him/her for your entire lifetime :]

I Love You, my angel,


I haven't commented in a while 🙀 so thank you for making these and making me smile and um you're the best <3

I am with the best ;]

Wew!!! Hopefully I can use this to get one for me. ;+P

Surely you can use anyone ;]

You can see my #originallovepoems tag for all of it, if they are visible lol. Thanks for reading out the poem.


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