Scenic tower, sand and rocks.

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The kids and I went to the town to the north of us today and on our way back we stopped at Bakers Narrows to take a walk up the scenic tower.

It has been pretty dry this spring and the fire danger is high.

There were a few people up the tower already so we checked out the beach first.


Well up the stairs to the tower we go.

Panoramic part way up at a rest stop bench.

Bottom of the tower.

Information boards at the top of the tower.



Panoramic views from the tower.



Chopper taking off from the airport.


The walk back down to the truck.



Stopped to grab a load of sand a few miles before home.
going to use this sand in my spring/creek bed in attempts to stop the weed growth when the spring is not running (only runs when water levels are high)

Cool looking cloud.

Before I was able to drive back to the spring, some trees laying across the trail needed to be cut and stacked. Dallas cut them, Sienna and I stacked them.




Sand dumped, ready to be spread but that can wait for now. I'd like to get more rocks in as well to finish off the creek bed since I am able to drive a truck back here right now, normally its a bit wet and coming in with a heavy truck only gets you stuck (this is the reason it got put on the back burner).

Grabbing a load of rocks. Beautiful evening.

The kids playing around before we head back home.

The rocks were dumped and we will definitely need another good load of rocks.



I love your style of blogging with many pictures. I need to change things up I’m taking notes. Canada looks beautiful I hope to visit one day.

Thanks :)
There are many lakes all around here (more then 110,000 in MB), also one of the few 'true blue lakes' in the world is only a 10min drive away and not to mention the miles and miles of untamed wilderness. It is an absolutely beautiful place!

This is your very good post about Scenic tower, sand and rocks.🌴🗽🌴

Take Care.


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lovely captures.

Damn you have been busy. I didn’t know you guys also recognized Smokey the Bear.
As always great photos! What a view!
Do you get free rock, dirt and sand or is it dirt cheap( pun intended) lol

Yup, we recognize Smokey too!
Ya, we've been pretty busy. Since this is my first summer not working, I want to get some unfinished projects around here finally finished; the flower box, the garden, the poplar bush we cut down a few years back (bucked up & piled), and right now since it is dry enough to get a truck back into the spring/creek area without getting stuck, it's getting done too!
For the sand, gravel, and rocks you can get cheap permits from conservation for the rock quarries around here, the dirt I have to actually buy from a landscaping business (45 for a load of topsoil & 25 for backfill). Good thing I don't need lots of dirt! lol

Sweet in the permits! Is $45 a lot for dirt?
We tried to order some from a place they wanted something like $200 a dump truck. My price could be wrong but hubby said hell no

Ya, 45 for a load (2 cubic yards) of topsoil dumped in my truck on their lot. I asked last summer about a tandem load (13-15 cubic yards) they wanted 480, delivered; I live about an hour from their landscaping yard.

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