A few shots from the trail cam..someone got caught with their pants down!

Dallas hauling in scaffolding

When we were bringing up the firewood we had dumped on the shoreline, lol. Weeeee!!!


It was getting hot!

When Jay and I brought the truck out

I totally forgot about the trail cams! LMFAO!!! 😂


I think I am going to move the one trail cam next time we are out there, so it overlooks the cabin and I can get some pic of us working and the progress.



What a cheeky photo 😂

I laughed so hard when I seen that, as if I forgot about the cams!

Someone has a tank top on and there’s snow on the ground? Boy you Canadians are tough!

Yes, it was soo hot! I was hauling sleigh loads of firewood up close to the firepit from the shoreline.

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