Evil Dragon Destroys Village

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In this photo, we see an evil dragon. Not all dragons are evil or delight in the plight of others. This pic you can see this once beautiful village destroyed by this dragon making circles for any desperate victims attempting to escape their flaming home. After a while, he gives up and returns to his lair flair unadvanceable by humans. If he gets a good enough meal (4 or 5 adult humans); he can hibernate for about a week before his next hunt.

Many villages have warriors watching for dragon attacks but this village had been attacked before by this same dragon. He knew it was weak. There are various types of dragons; he is a fire/ metal hybrid dragon. There are also water and earth dragons. The latter two being the most peaceful to humans as the are omnivores.

That is part of Chinese astrology as well. I am an eath dragon to interested parties. :)
Artist is Kerby Rosanes and I am the colorist. :)

For this dragon I used koh I noor magic pencils, various other pencils, some fine tipped markers. The black is where he got his own smoke on him and also demonstrating his metallic nature.





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