butterfly in colour change

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butterfly and strangeness of colour change

today, as usual, I am doing my habit, preparing my camera and lens, walking slowly, into a small forest area, around the place where I live.

indeed the intention of the heart, wanted to find a type of flower, but accidentally, I got a type of butterfly, which is very strange, in my opinion, as long as, have seen many types of butterflies that exist.

The strangeness I mean is, the kind of color that a butterfly has, which I show in the picture, today.

the whole explanation, which I will convey, I will explain, below the picture later.

I will start, with the first picture below :


a brief explanation from me

I will start, with the picture above, the picture above, at first glance we see the type of butterfly, which is stretching its wings, you and I can certainly see, the colors that appear above it, that's the strangeness I mean, why ... ??? ? the type of color is different, whereas, the type of color we see in the picture, such as:

  • blue
  • white between blue

the color I mentioned above, usually, is only owned by "apatura iris" type butterflies, while this type of butterfly is included in the "Limenitis Camilla" type

perhaps, this is what is called, the change in type of butterfly, to another type of butterfly. only special researchers, who can answer it.

thus, this opportunity, I'm not waiting anymore, I immediately point the edge of the camera. with some photo techniques, from several display images, which I will show you all.

beauty in the picture


the first beauty in the picture above, we will see the type of butterfly, directly above, the wild flower, which is sucking, the remnants of rain water, which is there, above the wild flower. with a very precise position, I can take multiple display images, as you can see, in the image above.


the other position that I got was, like the picture above, even though it was a little long, waiting, kind of butterfly, spread its wings, the camera remained, in standby, the fingers were ready, pressing the button.


opportunities like this, indeed very rare, I was able to get a picture position, which was unique, caused, almost average, the type of butterfly, only alighted for a moment, then flew again.

but there is also, if this type of butterfly, after flying for a while, will return again, to its original place. "Maybe, butterfly ... not feel disturbed, by my arrival, after seeing, a black object "camera ", pointing, to the face butterfly ... hehehehehe"


the position of the picture above, is the position of the butterfly developing its wings, because the wind is coming, then ... the branch of the tree, making the position of the butterfly, slightly shifted, I can get a good picture position, no problem for me. the important thing is that this butterfly doesn't fly yet.


before this butterfly flies, I can still take a few other pictures, which are a little further away, with the intention ... so that the butterfly, not disturbed ... while, sucking the rest of the rainwater, which is, on the flower wild, then ... I can also take another picture, in other movements of this butterfly.

Another picture that I can get, we can see it again below:


Picture I


Picture II


Picture III

after the butterfly flew, into the wild, from the tree branch, which were above, I went on again, my journey, looking for other material, for the next blog post on the steem community.

that is what I can say, I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Location PhotoForest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraTamron
Photography by@sultan-aceh


Wirklich eine sehr schöne Serie von diesem zauberhaften Schmetterling. Bei uns ist es noch zu kalt und es fliegen noch keine Tagfalter in der Natur. Aber auch dieser Winter geht zu Ende 🦋

Thanks for your comment @faltermann

means now there .... winter "is what you mean"
my google tranlate error

then I don't see your butterfly anymore

I hope ... winter there ... quickly passes
quickly passed ...

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thank you for your support @tipu

thank you for your support @annzhao

You’re welcome ,you took the beautiful pictures 👍👍I love the colorful butterflies ✌️✌️

This is lovely ❤️. I love those attractive colours 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

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Ilong galak long bambang yang warna hitam biru nyan. Sep bereh warna , dibeudeh cahaya 😍

Nice colour combination... exclusive capture

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Beautiful pictures

You are always welcome ❤


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