Artwork drawing between an engaged male and female lover #626

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Hello Steemians

Artwork drawing between an engaged male and female lover

Today, I have drawn again, a picture of a young couple, hugging together, the hug that I mean here is the embrace of the love of a man who is engaged to a woman. before going to work with great distance, this man gives affection with a hug, as in the picture.

in the picture that I made, I still give a logo and writing, to the jacket, which is worn by this man. in the picture I also give a floral motif there, so that it looks a good impression in art, in the veil.

as usual, in making this drawing, I did several drawing sequences, from start to finish, this can also help friends who want to make other drawings at home, let's look at the sequence I mean, below:

The first steps I made were eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth.

Next connect the face and eyebrows, eyes, nose to both faces.

make a line of help, part of the woman's body, slightly add part of the man.

Next I made, a jacket outfit, and added the hand, so it looks like in a hug.

The part above, before I use a tissue, to tidy up the lines and add the eye.


and the picture above, the image display, after I trim the help lines, with tissue.


in the picture above, I began to make the logo and writing section.


still in the stages of making writing and logo, slightly adjusting, on the lips.


checking the picture, is there still a help line, which I should add to the picture. before I continue drawing.


image above, I'm working on the male hair, a little lip polish.


In the sequence drawing above, I began to make a logo and text image, by giving it a blue color there.


still in the stage of tidying the logo and writing, a little effect on the cheeks and face.


in the picture above, I began to give a floral motif, on the veil, the woman, until it was finished.


continue to make hijab motifs, adding a little effect to the jacket.


still continuing, making a jacket effect.


In the picture above, before I finish making this image, I do a double check, while adding what I need to add there.


oblique display 1


oblique display 2


after checking the image, there is nothing else I have to fix, then the picture I have finished making.



I say thank you, for all your support all this time and Thank you for watching, reading and seeing, hopefully it is useful.

I end with word
Regards from me @sultan-aceh



  • Drawing board
  • Flashlight
  • Pencil
  • Colour pencil
  • Tisue
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Paper




Camera usedCannon 1300D
Lens CameraEF-S 18-55mm

Original Artwork @Sultan-aceh ©2019 All Rights Reserved
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It is indeed a pretty artwork @sultan-aceh :D

thank you so much @cryptopie

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Thank you for your support to me @tipu

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wonderful original art you shared simply outstanding one

thank you so much @blazing

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thank you so much @golden.future

Wow, very beautiful drawing

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thank you so much @mohamad786