Artwork drawing a newly married husband and wife very happy #625

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Hello Steemians

Artwork drawing a newly married husband and wife very happy

today I have drawn again, still in a paired picture, I tried to draw the face of the man and the face of the woman, in the drawing that made this, I still made the best possible, face picture, and I still provide the logo and batik motif clothing flower, in the picture.

this picture that I made is a picture of an imagination story, which is in my own mind, for me to pour it in pencil strokes, in this picture story, they are a newly married husband and wife, are very happy, because her husband, received news from his wife, because already pregnant. by hearing the news the husband, trying to give the impression of an answer with a smile to his wife while accompanying him.

in making this drawing, I still do with several stages in drawing, as you see now, the stages that I mean are, so those of you who want to learn to draw, can try, do it at home, when your time is not busy at work, let's together we see the stages that I mean, below:


first I still made the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth, with the usual help lines.


then I make the head, add a little body and hair.


I make ordinary sketches with auxiliary lines, the sketch I mean is the help lines, so that the two display images, look like they are joined together, add a little body part.


in this section, I immediately added the head section, although there was something I added, another help line, for both views of this image.


Next I added, the body part for the whole there, and made a logo, which I would make on the right chest, then next I immediately made all the lines, to make it clear.


The picture above, is a picture before I wipe the picture with a tissue.


The picture above, is a picture that I wiped with a tissue, I also allow you to see the comparison above.


in this part, I made the eye part, until it's finished.


Looking back, is there still something I need to add, another help line, if not, I immediately continue to draw.


in this section, I made the two logos, on the chest, to the end, but what was different was the logo that the woman was wearing, was black, and what was on the men's clothing was blue, as was the clothing outline, which they use, to make it more suitable,


in this section, while making fine scratches on clothes, I make other parts, like the mouth and nose, with a soft touch, using tissue, like the middle of the nose.


In the picture above, I made a section of hair, with fine and rough lines there.


the hair section was finished, I immediately made, the outline of the clothes, clearly visible.


in the picture above too, I made a fine scratch, using a pencil. on the hem of the man's clothes.


while drawing another stroke, I made a flower pattern, on the woman's clothing, using black ink, while men's clothing, I just made, the line of the descending course.


in the section above, I just overwrite it again with a pencil on the line in the man's clothes.


then it will look like the picture above, on the woman's clothes, I add a red color, which I use on the flower pattern on the clothes.


oblique display 1


oblique display 2



after all the drawing sequence is complete, then I check again on the image, is there anything that I have to edit, if not, then the picture I have finished drawing, like the picture above.

I say thank you, for all your support all this time and Thank you for watching, reading and seeing, hopefully it is useful.

I end with word
Regards from me @sultan-aceh



  • Drawing board
  • Flashlight
  • Pencil
  • Colour pencil
  • Tisue
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Paper




Camera usedCannon 1300D
Lens CameraEF-S 18-55mm

Original Artwork @Sultan-aceh ©2019 All Rights Reserved
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You’re welcome ✌️✌️nice drawing 👍👍👍

Thank you for your support too 🙏🙏

Beautiful drawing of a couple.

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thank you so much @maxwellmarcusart

Maybe they thinking about future family planning.. nice work

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thank you so much @nevlu123

Saya dapat melihat dari ekspresi raut wajah pasangan ini, ya, mereka tampak sangat bahagia, karena baru saja menikah. Idenya dalam menemukan inspirasi luar biasa, tertuang ke dalam bentuk gambar yang hasilnya begitu menarik.

Sukses selalu rakan 😊

terima kasih @midiagam
senang mendengarnya

semoga sukses juga untuk anda disana
pajan tatu me jeb kupu pih hana meujan goen gata ... heehhehe

Hana teteu oh peugah pih nyoe rakan hay, teungoh seubok that peuget pesanan tas. Nyoe na wate nteuk long chat, long bi thee keunan, hawa cit yak jep kupi inan 😃

ok ...get

selamat beristirahat rakan 😊