Green Insect on my hand

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Dear Steemians,

Green Insect photography taken with my S6 smartphone in the forest. These are some beautiful photography taken during my adventure visit to the forest of Aye, I place my hands near the green leaf where this green insect was, lucky it end up on my hands. I took some shots while it's on my hands. Below you can see pictures taken.




Hope you too admire the beauty of this unique insect on small tree. I'm happy to share above beautiful shots with you.

Thanks for stopping by on my post.


Camera usedS6 Smartphone
ForestAye Forest

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really beautiful animal, what is the name of the star sister?

Really beautiful
Animal, what is the name
Of the star sister?

                 - hardiananisam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Akerete in my local language hehehe😀

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