An @xpilar art illustration: A survivor from capsize ship

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Dear Steemians,

We live to experience a lot in life, sometimes ago, a man planned to go on a vacation together with his wife and three children, when the times close, one of the three children got sick, the younger child, they had to rush him to the nearest hospital.

And in the second day, the child was discharge from the hospital, on their way home, the oldest child saw his friend from the car window he told his parent to wait, he alight to meet his friend, parent has to wait for him, but he kept them waiting, his dad phone ringing when he answer it they told him his vacation arrangement got resolved, the younger child and the second child felt to happy to go on adventure with their parent.

They all get set and embark on their vacation journey, as they are going, the oldest child decide to go see the other side of the ship at night, he was watching the movement and immediately he saw a their ship moving towards a mountain, he alert the security, before they response to him, the ship nearly close to this mountain, the ship captain did their best, but it was too late, their ship collide with this mountain rock, and the ship got damaged the ship started to sink into the water.

Everyone begin to run for their lives, some get life jackets but others who were not got their life jacket before the sinking of the ship were immediately lost their precious life, the younger child slippery when the ship bend and continue sinking, before the rescue team came around, it was too late for lot of passengers as they end up freeze up, but loan survivor is the oldest child which rescue team found alive, others were found dead, so bad story hey. I pray for divine safe journey to everyone reading my story.

Image source: @xpilar digital art work, check his blog to see more amazing digital creativity.

Thank you for stopping at my post.


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