A painting of my former guitarist, with his wife

in #original5 years ago

Hello steemians this is a picture of my former guitarist Anatoly, with his wife Karina, performed by my wife for Karina's birthday.
We wish them a happy family life and success of the creators.



All work is done in pencil, and only the ornament is painted with watercolor.

Thanks for reading and rating.


This is a great piece @arhat—thank you for showing us this one and thank you for attaching progress pictures. Any chance of seeing the original picture that inspired it?

Thank you @dandays for your support.
Here is the original photo

Firstly, as for the support—my pleasure. Dang man! Frikkin awesome. If you don’t mind me making a suggestion—in the future, should you share more portraits with us, consider attaching the original in your article. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Take care, @arhat, I’ll see you around.

@dandays I am open to any suggestions.
And I will be glad to work together!

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Thanks for your suport, I really appreciate it!!!

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