Origami Recycled paper Slinky

in origami •  5 months ago

After the last origami post I remembered I had some old sheets from classes I finished. I remembered about this model
Origami slinky that requires a lot of paper, around 50 units or more. It's an interesting model since it's very simple and there's no specific unit limit. I'm considering also making the origami Jacob's ladder from this paper.
The units are actually very simple to fold and combine, a good size square is around 8cm, here's a short instruction:

Mark at half and mark at quarter

Fold towards the second line, unfold

Fold in half and unfold

Fold towards the middle from both sides

Fold at a 45* angle over the fold in step 2 (the open side is on the right, very important how you fold)

Unfold last fold and reverse it

Thanks for checking this out, sorry about the lighting in some of the images.

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That is interesting, and origami is a fun thing to do if you can get it to work out correctly. I am bad at it!


Thanks, I've been doing origami for 10+years, its all about practice :)