Fold Flat Origami Vase - Flower variation

in origami •  4 months ago

This is an instructional video on how to fold a model of my own creation called the Fold Flat Origami Vase - Flower variation. It is based on my earlier video of the shallow bowl with secret compartment, but with the idea of folding tessellations in each of the corners as well as the centre.

I have simplified the process in this video to make the precreasing easier and faster. This model is also fairly forgiving of messy folding (as my video also demonstrates) with the vase still forming even if it is a little wonky.

I hope you enjoy my tutorial.

If you enjoy folding I have an easy competition here:
Origami pay it forward competition

The video tutorial for the shallow bowl here:
Origami Reversible Shallow Bowl with Secret Compartment
As well as various pictorial tutorials scattered throughout my blog.

Happy folding, Grace.

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Hello @gmatthe2 found your post through @aiyumi entry post in the pay it forward contest this week 😉 interesting tutorial.. hope your contest run very well.


Thank you @cicisaja, my contest did quite well with the maximum number of participants entering and some really wonderful model choices.