Folding Challenge "Fold a dinosaur"

in origami •  3 months ago


I folded this stegosaurus when I was with my family on a very, very long and tedious hunt for... I don't remember. I had a large piece of paper from a sales ad that the business we were patronizing had waiting by the door as we entered. "What should I make?" I asked my son, "A dinosaur!" was his reply. Now I have made many a dinosaur in the past, but I wanted to try something new, and so I set out, for the hour or so we were winding through the isles looking for hidden treasures and the like.


Its a bit long for his type, and his tail spikes are all wrong, but otherwise I think it does a really good job of capturing the creature. This is one of many that I believe I can replicate, but have no idea what happened to the original so if anyone would like to have instructions on how to fold him I could probably oblige given enough time.


So to you origami enthusiasts, what dinosaurs are your favorites? Have you ever tried to recreate them in paper? Comment below and lets start a conversation.

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That's slick and beastly!


Me encanta el origami soy practicante del arte en papel

Origami is a fun pastime! Your stegosaurus looks pretty good, he's definitely worth keeping.


Thanks, and I think it might be...somewhere. I have a box of little things we put on the Chirstmas tree every year. Otherwise I try to keep only a few out.


Yes I know what you mean by keeping only a few models out at a time, they can easily become 'cluttersome' if you let them take over (speaking from experience 😉)
See you around bflanagin, enjoy your weekend!

Origami is a fun pastime! Your stegosaurus looks pretty good, he's definitely worth keeping.

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Lol, do you know how to fold a T-Rex as well? If so, I need to know how. 71ecVCQhb+L._AC_UL200_SR160,200_.jpg


As a matter of fact I do. Give me a couple days to get them typed up. I'll mention you in the post. :)


I'll be waiting patiently,.