Practicing Poco Lento in C Minor from l'Organiste by Cesar Franck

in organmusic •  5 months ago 

This morning I started my practice in the church by sight-reading a few pieces from l'Organiste by Cesar Franck, French Romantic composer. I thought you would enjoy listening to Poco Lento in C Minor. This piece is written from Harmonium or pipe organ and could be played without the pedals. It's a beautiful short piece and rather sad.

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I really like this piece.
I wish I could acquire that level of sight reading.

The first 20 years are difficult. After that is easy, haha!

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Really sad work, but very beautiful. Thank you for sharing

What effects do the pedals on an organ have?

I think this post is slow and mournful. Not really to my taste.

Pedals are like the 3rd hand...

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