Organicco ICO [Review]

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Organicoo is a platform that is focused primarily on green technology related products. ORGANICCO developers offer to invest in the future of the planet, the project is truly unique and deserves attention.

Organicco is a project to develop green technology solutions that utilize organic waste to produce auxiliary products for agriculture, and establish an internal trading platform dedicated to the market for the product. in this field.


     The industrial waste segment is really huge, but the instruments used in it are already considerably outdated. The use of industrial waste is not done well enough, there are opportunities that have to be realized.

  • The growth of soil erosion, which increases the loss of soil fertility
  • Discharge of organic waste in water and soil.
  • Poor methods of farming.
  • The wrong policy of agricultural enterprises.


                In order to truly revolutionize the communications industry, Organic presents the most feasible solutions that OTL has been using and doing business for 10 years in this market:

  •  Continuing research and upgrading of exclusive solutions: ecoHERO - organic fertilizer production, ecoDRYER - animal feed production & ecoREDUCER - renewable energy and renewable energy production desire.
  • Production of the equipment belonging to the aforementioned systems, transportation support, installation and maintenance at the partner companies, and the purchase and settlement of outputs for the finished product;
  • Expand links to businesses, companies and even governments around the world to introduce Organicco technologies and solutions;
  • Provide financial support to a number of companies so that they have the opportunity to access Organicco services, in return for which Organicco will be entitled to share profits except for their revenues;
  • Issuing an ORC token in the form of a share, allowing the owner to share the profit from the organic interest of Organicco;
  • Build easiPayer, an internal payment platform for the global agricultural market at a low cost, transparent operation using blockchain technology.





  1. Jon Ure: CEO
  2.  Vipul Patel: Chief Financial Officer
  3.  Paul Herrbach: Canadian partner
  4.  Gopal Jeyasundra: Technical Director
  5.  Parwana Ahamadi: Financial Assistant
  6.  Bing Hu: Senior Blockchain Developer
  7.  Pirasath Indrakumar: Information Technology Technician
  8.  Jesson Escat: Manufacturing Engineer
  9.  Rasheed Bello: ICO / Blockchain Advisor

                  On creation of the platform Organicco has a team of professionals having high qualification and great experience. The team has set itself a very ambitious goal to create a platform that will contribute to the development of industries that affect the environmental condition of our planet. The creation of the Organicco platform should have the most favorable impact on the environment and contribute to the effective use of natural resources and the preservation of the environment for future generations. A strong and highly qualified team is the most important in any project, and directly affects its success and relevance and further development.


  • 50% - ICO
  • 10% - Pre-ICO 
  • 4% - REFERRAL


  • Token: ORC
  • Model: ERC-223 (Ethereum block)
  • Accepts: BTC, ETH, GBP
  • Price: 1 ORC = € 0.40-0.50 GBP
  • Total number of tokens: 120 000 000 ORC
  • The maximum planned amount of fees: € 35,000,000 GBP
  • The minimum planned amount of fees: € 3 500 000 GBP
  • Country: United Kingdom

Pre-ICO - 10%

  • Pre-Ico is available from: April 11, 2018 through June 20, 2018.
  • In the pre-ico time 12 million ORC tokens will be released
  • Price for 1 ORC is equal to € 0.40 GBP

ICO - 50%

  • The beginning of June 6, the ending will be announced later.
  • In time ICO will be released 60 million tokens
  • The price for 1 token will be € 0.50 GBP


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