Fig tree:)

in #organic5 years ago

Fig trees seem to do very well indoors:) this one was a gift from a neighbor, when i asked them politely for a branch to clone they gave me the whole tree!:)) definitely a really kind look and right in line with the spirit of I wanted to say how grateful i am to them and say that i feel strongly that this is what the world needs more of. It's what the world is broadly missing imho. Sharing abundance and growing our own beautiful beyond organic garden as a fun hobby or a profession has the power to change our lives and the lives of those around us dramatically for the better:) So please join us on as we encourage and incentivize people to do precisely that:) Help one or more of your friends, family, or neighbors to grow their very own organic gardens this year. We appreciate you!!:) With love, with kindness:) - P4C IMG_20180205_023903_351.jpg


Nice plant! Maybe I will grow a fig tree as well someday..:)

theyre supereasy to clone and grow:) don't fight that feeling!:)) thanks for the upvote @skwozz:)

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