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Kamut is a High Protein Wheat. Kamut is great for those that are off-grid, homesteaders, etc... This wheat also has hypoallergenic properties. It is nutritional. And the taste is GREAT with it's buttery flavor. Kamut is high in fiber, and is easy to digest. (Kamut is known as Khorasan around the world.) Getting back to nature calls for antioxidants, and Kamut can help with this.

Besides protein Kamut is packed with minerals and vitamins. It is high in phosophorus and makes a great choice for kidneys. Zinc has been known to fight the common cold, and this is packed with it. The magnesium helps with brain function. If you are using the “poison” soy, switch to Kamut, the zinc and magnesium help restore the hormonal balance. Need help lowering the bad cholesterol, here is part of the answer. Higher concentration in lipids. The high protein content and lower sugar content may be beneficial to diabetics.

Kalmut is also a wheat that is that is great for organic gardens. It is a resistant to pesticides and does not need much in fertilizers. A large kernel size equals a higher yield. Kalmult only needs about an inch of water a week, more if there is a dry spell. Because the kernel is large a small plot can yield enough for a small family. Prepare the garden in the fall, sow as early as possible in the spring. Plant the seeds close together, so weeds to have a chance to intervene. Grows organically and natural. No need to fuss over this growing grain. Kalmut does need a sunny location.

Harvesting the wheat can be fun. Scythe the grain close to the grain almost finishes losing it's green color. Hang or set out to dry for two weeks. When the grain is dry beat the grain on a tarp on the ground. Use a slow speed fan to separate the hull from the grain.

Store in glass in a dark area. When ready to mill the grain use a heavy duty blender or a counter top grain mill. Bake and cook like you would the every day flour from the store, except be healthier.

What are your favorite bread recipes?

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