Order Of Other --- An Omniversal Adventure -- Planets, Planet Tapestry NFTs, Mining OMNI

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Order of Other is becoming more interesting every day that goes by
it has started molding itself
a year ago when i started collecting cards of the Order i could never believe that a simple collection could ever evolve in such a fascinating and complex game
yes of course i had previous experience with Splinterlands , and i knew that you should always expect the unexpected but i could never imagine what Omniverse was keeping for us all
to be sincere i don't know if Ro himself had all this captivating labyrinth in his mind from day one, if he had it indeed then he deserves even more our respect and support

of course we have to be patient
of course we know that an NFT game is not so easy to develop and needs the support of its community
i'm very happy to be part of this community and i hope we grow even stronger

in this post i would like to make a small presentation of the planet NFTs

before i do that
you can always visit some older posts of mine in order to get an idea about Order Of Other


about planets now
the first thing you have to know is that there are 42 planets
actually there are going to be 42 planets ( not all of them have been released yet )
you cannot say that you'll get bored easy
42 different planets throughout Omniverse can keep you busy for quite some time

what we are going to do in these planets is not so clear yet (at least to me) but most probably mining, tournaments , maybe some kind of RPG mode of the game ,discovering new items building your character and for sure many other things which we 'll get to know in time
it has also been said that planet NFT cards will provide daily drops of OMNI (orderofother internal token)

if you think you are covered with this let me make it a bit more complicated
are you ready??
each planet is going to have 4 dimensions
did you get that?
as i said in an older post of mine Order Of Other is going to be an NFT game through time and space
the existence of these dimensions prove that!

one planet... 4 dimensions of it to explore!!!
Primordial .. Void .. Shadow and D-Shift
i really am so curious to explore these dimensions
who knows what to expect, absolutely a great adventure!


and it gets more spicy!!
there is something special here
each planet has a collectible tapestry NFT
a tapestry NFT is an 1 out of 1 MINT which makes it totally collectible and unique and comes with a 10.000 OMNI gift-drop straight to your wallet upon purchase

of course you might wonder what a tapestry might like ,and what the use of it could be
let me first show you what a tapestry planet NFT looks like
this is the planet's Phlame tapestry ...absolutely magnificent ( to my eyes )


as said above this is only one NFT mint..and it is mine...i can sell it of course but there's no chance of something like that
now this tapestry comes with a monthly drop in OMNI tokens
actually every planet tapestry comes with a monthly OMNI tokens drop so this makes it even more important as an asset
but this is not all
according to my opinion the most lucrative feature of a planet tapestry is that , it provides you the privilege to pick a weapon of your imagination , draw it and let the devs of Order of Other mint it for you
you get the lowest mints of it plus you are the one who decides how many copies of this special NFT are going to be mint ever and you will be the author of its origins story !!
in a way you become part of the Omniverse!!!

as you understand i got my special weapon NFT design but i'm not going to reveal it in this post

RedRo ,the founder of Order of Other also declare that tapestries are going to be followed with some merchandise like t-shirts and things like that ,but this is something which will be finalized in future

i need to close this post with some more information guys
please excuse this never ending post but it is important
yes it's true , if you keep in your wallet specific assets like Planet cards and Pillbots -(Ominversal robots)- , you can mine OMNI
you can find these NFTs in neftyblocks.com and in wax.atomichub.io as well

gth.jpg | dd.jpg

i don't want to confuse your heads more with this
if anyone wants to know about mining OMNI , i'm here to buzz me and i will try to explain how it goes
i wish you happy mining and promise i'll come back with a detailed post about the mining process

the OMNIventure has just begun!!

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