Order Of Other --- An Omniversal Adventure --Membership Cards and OMNI

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as the title declares i am about to unfold an aspect of Order of Other NFT collection game which i think is pretty much interesting for new users and potential investors..
in case you have never heard about Order of Other and you wanna get a vision of what i'm talking about you can visit these older posts of mine


now lets get straight to the point
as i have already mention the official ingame token is OMNI
OMNI is been traded in Alcor Exchange but buying the token from the exchange is not the only way to acquire it

months ago while i was having a conversation with RedRo, the founder of Order of Other ( @ilithid on HIVE blockchain ) i asked him if he could create something like a faucet for OMNI till the game start so that the community be able to win some tokens without having to investand buy them form the exchange
he was a bit skeptical about the faucet so he came back with an even better solution
and what was that!
Membership NFT Cards
with these NFTs not only you have the chance to support the game as an early investor but you get access to many many features and perks according to your lvl of membership of course for LIFETIME
from my point of view the best of all these features is the monthly airdrop of OMNI tokens straight to your account
so you don't have to click and claim ( as you should have if there was a faucet)
automatically every month you get your tokens in your WAX wallet
lets have a look at these Memberships
we are talking about 4 different types

  • Carpenter
  • Mason
  • Smith
  • Lord

not difficult to understand , not difficult to remember , not difficult to distinguish and the most important ...so really buying -friendly to every new user-investor


first is the Carpenter Membership NFT
it is the basic Membership you can get for 100 WAX
with this you get a guaranteed 100 OMNI airdrop in your wallet every month plus some perks Carpenter discord channel provides and of course an access to dice-duels


the second in value membership comes for 200 WAX
this is a value for money NFT imo...you get 250 OMNI airdropped to your wallet each month plus all perks Masons discord channel provides plus some free Promo drops plus access to dice-duels of course and most important BETA ACCESS to the game!!!!


now things getting serious
if you can afford Smith Membership for 300 WAX this is what you must go for definitely
a generous 500 OMNI airdrop every month is something you cannot neglect
you get also Smith discord server perks , free promo drops and low mint# guaranteed , access to dice duels and to round table and guaranteed PRO-BETA access to game!


we are talking about LORD membership NFT..the ultimate membership in Order Of Other
it comes for 400 WAX and it gives every single perk all other memberships provides plus 1000 OMNI airdrop per month and an Exclusive access to the creator and the processes of the project

Four Memberships for every pocket out there
and lets talk facts, the amount which require in order to get them ,is nothing compare to other projects out there
let me clarify that you only pay ONE TIME and you get the benefits for LIFE, don't think that a membership NFT requires your contribution in crypto every month as most of the memberships you already know
in Order Of Other, membership NFT cards is a one of a kind deal
some of us wanted for collection purposes to buy more than one memberships
when you do that you get the benefits of every membership you buy seperately
for example i have Mason and Lord Membership..so i get 250 OMNI from Mason and 1000 OMNI from Lord each month

in case you are curious to have a look at all of these you can hit the following link

by the way you can now visit the site's page which is been updated
it is a preview of the final design , not completed yet

let me also say ,that all of these are not financial advices , you should always do your own research before you decide to invest in anything out there
all of the above are personal thoughts and beliefs
having said that if you ask me 'do you believe in the project? ' i think my answer is more than obvious and it is a very very huge
-Y E S i do believe in Order Of Other -

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