OracleChain completes EOSIO official testnet node deployment(OracleChain完成EOSIO官方测试网络节点部署)

in #oraclechain4 years ago

EOSIO dawn 3.0如期而至,作为EOSIO官方测试网络节点的OracleChain,第一时间(2018.4.7)完成了测试网络Dawn3.0部署上线。OracleChain,与EOS众多参与者共建EOS大生态!

EOSIO dawn 3.0 launched on time. OracleChain, the official testnet node of EOSIO, completed the deployment of the testnet Dawn 3.0 on the first time(2018.4.7). OracleChain will build EOS ecology with EOS numerous participants together!


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