OracleChain Team Participates in EOS Project Hong Kong Meetup and EOS Cannon Group Hong Kong Meetup

in #oraclechain4 years ago (edited)

CEO of OracleChain made presentation during the meet up of EOS Cannon HongKong on April 6th, 2018. In his speech, he called on everyone to work together to build EOS Ecology.
At the same time, the OracleChain team also introduced the OracleChain project and the EOSIO block producer candidate campaign plan to friends who participated in the EOS project Hong Kong meetup.

OracleChain团队CEO 2018年4月6日在EOS佳能群香港meetup上的演讲。他在演讲中呼吁大家齐心共建EOS大生态。



Wonderful job! We would love to hear your presentation! Come and join us at SteemSchools at:, see you there, I’m Hongkong&Philippines there!

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