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As part of Oracle’s cloud innovation programme they run an Excellence Awards each year. This provides an opportunity for JSEcoin to gain exposure and connections with the worlds largest provider of enterprise solutions.

From the website at:

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A critical value proposition for Platform as a Service is to accelerate and amplify business impact. This award honors customers for their leading-edge solutions using Oracle Cloud Platform to deliver business value. Oracle honors winners for the uniqueness of their business case, business benefits, level of impact relative to the size of the organization, complexity and magnitude of the implementation, and the originality of the architecture.

JSEcoin submission:


“During the later stage of 2018 the development team reached a stage where they were unable to handle the incoming support queries effectively. These peaked at around 100 new requests per day which was taking up valuable time and resources to process.

The Digital Assistant solution now handles 100% of incoming queries freeing up developer time to work on building the project.”

“For companies that have a small workforce but large expanding user base it is impossible to offer one on one support. While we value our interactions with our users and the feedback from their problems it does not scale as the user base grows. This leaves companies with only two real options:-

  • Hire or outsource
  • Automate with AI

We considered the option to outsource the support to overseas call centers but felt that the level of service would not be on par with what we could develop with a digital support assistant. Factor in the time and financial cost of training, managing staff, covering staff shortages, hiring, human resources and there was a clear advantage to the automation route. Automating the support reduced the team time required in this area from approximately 1280 man hours a month to less than 20. Our users now have exceptional 24/7 access to our entire knowledge base.”

“While the Oracle Digital Assistant provides an out of the box solution to automating an entire support department we believe it is critical to continue to improve our support center. The chatbot is only as good as the information and support database on which it is built and we will continue to expand, improve and update this to offer the best possible support to our users.

Our next step is working on Alexa skills to provide voice interaction to extend our enterprise solutions for our registered users so that they can retrieve information on their account and quickly find out information on price of JSE.”


Read our full entry here:


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