Oracle-D Plagiarism Checker - Please Help us Check our Work

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A Decentralized Bounty Program for Quality Control in Oracle-D

Here at Oracle-D we take plagiarism very seriously. As the professional organization we are always striving to be, we want to invite you to help us! We are calling on anyone who is a capable Steem cleaner to help us identify plagiarism on our blogs.

Please visit our Oracle-D Quality Control interface at and take a look at our list of blogs for review. This is the last 7 days worth of blogs. If you spot plagiarism in any of these blogs we invite you to post your evidence using the tools provided in the interface along with links and screen shots to help us address any issues, so we can get the plagiarism removed from the blockchain and feed back to the writer with the correct measure of response as quickly as possible.

Please note that this is in BETA phase at the moment.

On any particular blog in our blog list, if you are the first to find anything that helps us eradicate plagiarism and you provide the correct evidence (screenshots and links) we will repay you with a minimum bounty of 2 SBD. This however could increase significantly should you find a piece of work that is significantly plagiarized.

Our moderators will check this and if correct you will be rewarded with a STEEM bounty.
However, please also be aware that frivolous reporting may result in you being locked out of this system. We are a professional organization and we only want to work with professional people.

Guidelines for using the Oracle-D Quality Control System

  • This tool is for reporting plagiarism on posts authored through the oracle-D platform only
  • Ensure if you are reporting you provide the original source of the post
  • Please always check posts for referenced links. Sometimes writers make references to sources they have used later in the post
  • Do not make frivolous reporting, or you may be locked out of this system
  • Be absolutely professional. If you find plagiarism, this is the place to report it, not Discord or anywhere else. It will be dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Bounties are paid in SBD on a weekly basis.
  • If you have any questions, please email
  • It may take some time to moderate plagiarism checks. Please be patient, as it's only fair to our writers.
  • Be polite, and deal with facts, not conjecture.
  • If you find other plagiarism on non Oracle-D posts, we recommend you report to steemcleaners

Thanks very much for your help on this. we hope to see you at the Oracle-D Quality Control interface

If you like the work we are doing to bring new investment into the Steem Blockchain, please vote for our witness


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awesome announcement! I think this will have a huge impact in the quality of your posts. Now the writers know that their posts will be checked!

Kind regards

The Secret Service


Now the writers know that there posts will be checked!

  • their

Grammar police :) so funny!


englishslut :wjinks:


Well, it said posts will be checked. :P


Thanks @secret.service. That's our hope too, and really introducing the human element in for us was a good move, because we see it as providing another level of quality control. For us professionalism is key, and as a very young project, we wanted to solve it as quickly as we could.

By the way, great T-shirt once again @anarcotech. :-D
Inspired by it:


Hey Oracle-D Team,

Great to hear that you are further strengthening the ecosystem you are building! Fantatsic announcment, keep up the great work guys!


Hey @universalcrypto. Thanks for your kind comment. As you guys know, we are keen to be as professional as possible, and with the best will in the world, we cannot always pick up everything, so it seemed logical to let the wider community help us do that, and reward them in the process.

I have been a great fan of Oracle application. Upvoted and followed.


Many thanks @sayeds.

I admire people who do things well and with righteousness, this kind of virtue creates confidence and everything they do is of high quality, this is a great project that is starting and @starkerz and @anarcotech are doing very well, all the obstacles overcome him in the best way and are very professional. This will take you to the top.
Q: I saw the video, it's a pleasure to meet the founders of oracle-d. Greetings.

Love it how you are handling and dealing with Plagiarism @starkerz and @anarcotech. It's a sin to use other people's original creation for your own benefits. There is simply no place for such abusers on @oracle-d. :-)

Cheers and way to go!


Thanks @hungryhustle! Lets hope it helps to improve our Quality and Quality Control

This is just what we needed. You can't beat having some real humans in the loop. Good work guys. I'm heading over to check into the reporting tool


@molometer. I agree. Hope you like it, and find it useful.

Loving the progress boys! Hopefully we can get you as our first guests when we launch our Universal Crypto Podcast :)


That would be a real honour @ardasnails. Look forward to it, just get in touch when you're ready to go.

Really supported for are the rule @oracle-d
so the writer will do the job properly with high quality, and bever think stealing another people' idea. Because plagiarism similar take the thing from another one.

I love this plathform.

I find it a great idea, providing incentives to people to filter content and plagiarism. Niceee


@steemcleaners of course do a great job on the platform, but we also wanted to add our own weight to it and be able to reward people for helping us eradicate plagiarism in a really professional manner. Thanks for your support.

This is great initiative. Plagiarism authors are not welcome to Oracle-d. Oracle-d is original so, it should be meant for original authors, original articles on original platform. The dignity has to be kept on the ecosystem. Nice movement on this @starkerz & @anarcotech.

Why don’t u use cheetah. They have pretty effective robotic plagiarism checker.

Happy to see new features being rolled you!


Cheers @patrickm. Thanks for your support! :)