Happy New Year! from Oracle-D

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I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and about some friends I met through this network that are always very nice to me.

My name is Eve and I am Italian American, I guess you all have figured it out by now.

While I was doing some research I met @cryptocurator and he introduced me to @starkerz and @anarcotech, they are the founders of @Oracle-D and have given me the professional possibility to be in their portal.

They are some of the nicest persons I have met in this network and I wanted to thank them through this video tribute how much I appreciate the opportunity that they have given me.

If you want me to do changes to the @Oracle-D memory lane video, let me know and will get on it right away.

Thank You Guys.


The most beautiful part is, this network makes me feel as if I am in school with very important persons and all are teachers or classmates, which is a privilege the future could say: Ohh yeah I know that person "we were together in @steemit".

Special Thanks To all the steemian guys (starkerz, anarcotech, cryptocurator, bernie) and all the steemian girls (surfermarly, coruscate, maryjaney), you all are very awesome.

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