Update on my situation

in opwinnipeg •  last year

Everything is gone to shit.

It is spring break and I have not seen my son in 22 days. I will not see him for Easter. I did not abuse my child.

Everyone involved in the legal kidnapping of my child must be held to account.

My hands and feet tingle or lose feeling and it takes me a long time to make a post. Its frustrating because I can hardly type my last post took 2 days to complete.I get chest pains when I speak to my CFS worker named Krysta.
I feel like I am losing my balance when my feet get bad.

I won't be the same from this ever.

I called my worker a bunch of times and left a bunch of different messages. I spoke to her and she said she cannot find a visit supervisor. I told her I have not seen my child in 21 days and I won't see him for Easter. I told her how this has ruined my health. I told her I will never be able to look some of the school staff in the face again. I told her this is messing up my money and soon I will be homeless as steemit was my source of income but due to extreme stress by them and the school I cannot make 4 posts a day and make money.

I told her this is killing me and it is.

The law will bring me no justice clearly they have colluded against me.

I will never forgive.

I will never forget.


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This is disgusting!!!! The enemy is controlling our government... I can only hope that it all comes crashing down soon..... Whistleblowers have been murdered when they tried to reveal this horrendous abuse of CPS....

In short story. Have seen the boys in the end?

intresting story