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As is known, social networking sites have become very common. The presence of websites in social networks has become mandatory. I will share some information about social media optimization with you;

  1. Include tools such as rss, share buttons, votes, polls, comments, likes on your site. Create a blog for your site.
  2. Do activities to promote your site. Create a Facebook page for your site, Share your new content on social networks such as Friendfeed, Twitter. Write comments on blogs. Participate in discussions about your content on the forums.
  3. Submit your important and interesting content to social bookmarking sites. If allowed, write articles about your content on other sites. Publish promotional articles not only for your site but also within your content.
  4. E-book, presentation etc. related to your content. create materials. Distribute these materials using social media.
  5. Produce content that can be shared. Interesting information, funny stuff, content that makes you proud, upsetting, interesting, etc.
  6. Now take a break from traditional SEO and change your Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. enlarge.
    Benefits of social bookmarking
    First, "What is social bookmarking?" Let's define. Social bookmarking is when an internet user offers an article, video, photo or other content that he likes on any site to the liking of other internet users. You can follow the link below for different definitions about social bookmarking.
    What are the benefits of social bookmarking?
    For internet users; Thanks to social bookmarking, it allows you to find the quality of the content you are looking for. It allows you to reach the content you are looking for faster. It prevents waste of time.
    Benefits for webmasters; Sharing your content causes you to gain more visitors. Social bookmarking leads you to share higher quality content. Thanks to social bookmarking, the quality of your content increases, your visitors and your earnings increase.

Note: This content was created in 2012. Some may be out of date. I'm moving my archive to the Steem Blockchain.

Note 2: Translation with Google translate. Sorry.

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