Oprah Winfrey for President 2020

in oprah •  10 months ago

It's 4am in Dubai and i'm waking up to what seems like the best Idea I have heard in the last 10 years. Oprah Winfrey for President, i pondered. This has to be the best ideal for all Americans, not only is Oprah one of the most adored people on the planet, she could easily be one of the most humanitarian high wealth individuals in the world.She has leadership skills that are above reproach. I will support this very real rallying call until it is a reality for the world.
oprah for Pres first jan15 2018.png

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If she is capable of select a good team of politologist's and economist's, if she is capable of listening from people that know and live inside politics, she could be a good choice

She is a good person indeed, but it does not mean she can be a good president, in fact such a good intentions could lead to the opposite, i am skeptical because of her lack of political experience, we need to see first what she have to offer and how she sell it to the american people

Selecting a president by celebrity status rather than knowledge on economics and politics can be dangerous, she is a bright person, but as i say, i am skeptical about it, in the past elections neither trump or hillary fullfilled my expectations as candidates, but i accept that trump being president has helped my country to get a little closer to end the dictatorship of Maduro

When I first heard about President Winfrey, my initial thought was why not; I would like to see what she would do as the president. Then I thought about how she is basically the liberal version of Trump. And then I thought about it some more and realized that Opera is literally the most successful business woman who has ever existed in the history of the world, please correct me on this if I am wrong. And this realization led me to ponder just how accepting the anti-capitalist people would be about having the next president being even more successful and wealthier than Trump.

Yeah and Maury should be Vice President.

Oprah's "secret" needs to stay a secret.
She is a nut job!