Subjective & Opprobrium

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Subjective & Opprobrium

No need to be humble, very weak to me. Calling yourself the best at anything even weaker!

From my years of experience there's always someone bigger & badder than you!

If I hate the way you sound rapping & another love the way you sound, who's right?
based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

Every time I hear a man or woman announce their the best at anything I fkn cringe! Be happy to be able to do what you love & let the good opprobrium rain.


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That's an interesting perspective. It's yours nevertheless. Thankfully there are judges that rule and not myself. Consider what a society is. Your impression of yourself means nothing in a world where one lives alone on the land. Your impression of yourself is intertwined with where you fit in society. So people determine if you are inevitably the best or not. Otherwise the only opinion that would "matter" would be yours as there are no other witnesses to contest that you are the "best". I bring the bars out and it's up to the people to decide. I call myself the best because I can back it up. But me backing it up is not based on ego, only experience. I am experienced so I can back my craft up. I am experienced so I can "overstand"....I am experienced so my opinion now has validation within the soceity in which the experienced was built. Yet, I'm humbled because I'm "strong" enough to realize that my own opinion of myself is not the determining factor in if I am/was indeed "great". It is the society's testimony of my greatness. Thus, is spirituality. In spirituality we are constantly reaffirming our beliefs to in a sense make our own lives better, because we want to be the best version of ourselves, as Brother Rich (from Undergroundrailroad Radio would say)...But really we transform only to inevitably affect others. Spirituality works the same, as we level up our thinking, we become great to affect the greater whole. Good talk.

the only opinion that would "matter" would be yours

Let your writing soak in. What does it mean to "matter" truly? Rhetorical. Peace!

I get you. I feel like you never really know what's behind someone's way of speaking about themselves. I see you make music too. As a songwriter, I definitely take note of how different words can have slightly different sentimental meanings for different people. Even the use of words like humble and best are subjective.I get what you're saying though, and I definitely agree with your final point. Much love