Second Chances

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Does everyone deserve a second chance? This is my question coz even though i got one i have to wonder sometimes what others think.
I was in prison for almost 20 years. I accidentally killed someone when i was 17 but unlike most who simply hate the system and try to rort it i used the opportunities given to me, finished my high school, taught myself computers and networking and have followed every rule set out for me once released. I now live with a fiance who i love dearly and her beautiful daughter who she says i am more of a father to than her own.
People ask to be friends with me on other platforms and because im honest and tell people who i am and that i made a mistake they decide they dont want to know me which is ok, i respect everyones opinions and beliefs. What i struggle with now is that even 'we dont discriminate' workplaces do exactly that when i answer the question of whether or not i have a criminal record. Do i stick to my own beliefs and tell the truth knowing that i wont likely be employed or do i not disclose and risk an employer sacking me for lying when they inevitably find out.
Everyone has their own story and i have mine too. My crime was an accident. He was a doctor, i was suicidal and wanted a specific drug that would kill me. I went too far and he died. No excuse, thats why i pleaded guilty even though my lawyer told me not to.
Now ive done my time, all i want is a way to provide for my new family but ... no one will employ a criminal.
Question remains:
Do you think everyone deserves a second chance?

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Assuming you're a decent person now, you're an asset. The business that hires you is hiring an asset. The business which doesn't is leaving an asset on the table for their competitor to hire instead.
Hope it's going well for you, mate.
I found you by searching for people in Adelaide. If you're free on the last Thursday of the month, from 6pm, the #mallsballers meetup at The Jade on Flinders St. Be great to have you along.

If lucky enough, not everyone tho. got second chances like that.. Try make use of your chances


will continue to try, thank you