Instead Of Reinventing The Wheel, I'll Just Ask You Guys For Feedback...

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Seeking a little guidance here...

As some of you can tell, my “content” varies quite a bit, I can't help it. I have a lot of interests, with more I haven't even started touching on like my baseball games, poker, drawing, etc..

My topics currently span from jokes, drums, inspirational stuff, thrifting, upcycling, fitness, subtitled videos, photoshopped Steemian faces, etc.. I tend to rotate these in phases and admit to being inconsistent or random with them.

I actually do feel like the cliche jack of all trades, but master of none as they say. I also gravitate towards humor because it helps me keep Steemit fun. Nothing is better than laughing and making others laugh, except when people listen to my music.

In the spirit of trying to get some direction from my active followers, or those who happen to catch this, what type of posts do you most enjoy or want to see more of? On the contrary, what doesn't do it for you and why?

This isn't formal. All feedback is welcome. As I'm here to blog and have fun, I also want to grow my audience and be in tune.

My thoughts:

  • Writing stupid jokes comes naturally for me, which is a concern that I need help! I love puns and playing with words.
  • Drumming is so much fun, but I can only do it when my neighbors aren't home and the stars are aligned. Responses are often great or a goose egg.
  • Inspirational and fitness material is so rewarding and I take great pride, but often gets the lowest response.
  • Thrifting and upcycling mean a lot to me and are well received by those who appreciate this niche.
  • Subtitled videos are ridiculously fun to make and get a great response, but I'm struggling to find the right foreign language videos to work with that don't already have subtitles in them.
  • Photoshopped Steemian faces are hilarious, engaging, and have gotten a lot of laughs, but I don't want to push the envelope and creep anyone out since I only know so many people!

So, I'm opening up here to either be encouraged, guided or roasted. Please share your feedback and I'll do my best to consider it. I simply want to succeed in the long run here and make sure I'm growing versus treading water.

So, what do you like most???

Thank you,

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Soooooo..... traditional blogs have always been about a niche. Post about a topic you're knowledgeable about, something you enjoy and build a community... that's how you successfully blog and/or build a social media presence.

I feel that Steem is different though.. I follow someone because I like them... and so I'm more happy when people vary their content because it shows me the different elements and enthusiasms. It makes people far less one-dimensional. Maybe about a third of stuff in my feed I'm not interested in at that moment, and that's totally fine.

I don't think I've clicked on any of your drumming stuff, because it's not something I know about or am too interested in, but I'm sure there are people that are... and even if literally no one is, it's still a good record for you. I like that you post quick jokes, but also totally super serious stuff, I can't think of many people that provide a range of posts like that.

Unfortunately upvotes are more about relationships and luck, moreso than actual individual post content, so I think probably the best way to grow is to collaborate with as many people as possible and break out of your usual circles to build those relationships.


Hey! Aren’t your supposed to be responding with the perfect gif instead of such a well thought out and on point reply? Sometimes your comments seem to make better posts than mine!

This all makes sense. Thanks for the insight and advice, and the time you took to put it together. Let me know where to send the bill.

I like it all. I love blogs that cover an array of topics vs. one angle. I think it allows us to get to know each other better.

I do enjoy the thrifting and recycling pieces though. Always amazes me not only what people throw out but how much some of this stuff fetches.

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Thanks. I like the variety to appeal to more people and also keep it dynamic enough for my enjoyment, but sometimes I find a nice theme and then fizzle out fast, rinse and repeat.

Yea, I've been siphoning off of your shop for weeks now. Your partner has been tossing out Funko dupes in the recycling and I feel that you should know about it.

Actually i did not see anything wrong with your content. The jokes you post are good. At least they help people to laugh and remove their sorrow. The drumming also is pretty good and the inspirational ones also are great. I love checking out your content each time and then i will be eager to see the drawing aspect of your content.


Thank you for your feedback. Well said.

I like your blog the way it is Matt, the diversity is part of what makes it interesting to me. When the value of steem bottomed out a lot of the people I was following disappeared but you were still making dubbed vids and creating interesting content.

Some people (myself included) have typecast themselves to a certain extent and it can get a bit boring reading the same type of thing all the time from them so it can be hard to engage with them.

The 100 rep challenge was great while you had that going but I couldn't see how anyone could find time to collate all that data and manage everything without employing a secretary or delegating some of the work out. I can understand why you let that one slide.

I'd have to say the diversity is what interests me the most.


Thanks for this input. It's a good reminder to just keep doing my thing instead of being concerned about how to appeal to more people. Maybe it's up to them to find me versus me forcing it.

Man I'm glad you caught on to the secretarial work for the challenge. I think I was nuts to do that, but that's what I do when I commit, also why I haven't brought it back just yet because I'm not ready to load up on that process. I was thinking maybe a huge Google shared doc, but that might be too weird.