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It's like everybody is fighting in cliques.... sort of like in a prison as-seen-on-tv. Imagine that, America as one big prison yard. Check that, the World.

My mother used to ask me, "If every one else were fighting over dog turds, would you?". My obvious answer was always, "No!". I now realize my mother was preparing me for these days, everyone is fighting over dog turds. Any little thing, triggered. And even being prepared without knowing, I find myself even falling into the trap of fighting or arguing over nothing.

And buried in these mountains of nothing are some very serious and potentially dangerous valid points.
And yet while both sides of most any argument or fight have their own valid points, at what stage did common sense get thrown out the window?

Do you realize, at one time in life long before the Internet was in most every home, a woman's priority was putting a "Mrs." in front of her name and raising a family with no worry of career. Today, even with the Internet and a career, most women (and people in general, regardless of gender) struggle just to live from one pay-check to another. People didn't have to worry about money and struggling and stress as we do today. The 'white picket fence' is just about completely destroyed.

Ah, but the times they are a' changing.

"The South Will Rise Again" has been something engrained into American Culture since well before any of us were even born, and most who prescribe to such belief do not openly or publicly admit it... this has been a long time coming.

And do we realize, for whatever reasons statues are being moved or removed and stored in the U.S., it will be a huge burden on taxpayers. Do you have any idea what the government pays just to put up or or remove ONE statue? Here in Argentina, it cost taxpayers 25 MILLION AR ($1,666,666.67 USD at the time) to relocate the Columbus Memorial Statue. Just one statue.


So yeah, lets' remove all that offensive that has stood for decades and decades. Put it in a museum where it won't offend anybody. And once that is complete, let's move on to strip clubs and that horribly offensive sport of horse racing (or was it greyhound racing.... wanna fight about it?).

One step closer to paradise with each little piece or our minds that we lose.

Some days I don't even want to Internet, put a bullet through my tv; just step outside and plant something.
And now Barcelona, Spain is taking one for the team. As it is being reported here in Argentina, people nearby had been instructed to barricade themselves in the nearby shops with the curtains drawn and doors lock. And, as well, instructed NOT to take video or make phone calls (or even use their devices at all).

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