What you do when no one's looking might define your success.

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It's easy to write off success stories as "luck", with whatever this means to you. Maybe it is lucky environment or luck of the genetic draw or even luck of being at the right place at the right time. But then, for a lot of us, if we really look at our own circumstances we might come to a startling conclusion....We Are Lucky too!

What I mean is that just by being here adn reading this you are most likely above average in luck. You have internet, a computer, time to lose and some money to spend. That's like..pretty good! I could also bet that most of us think that we are less lucky than average compared to like..our friends and people we follow on FB for some reason. LOOK at those people! you might say. Why not me?!

Well, I used to be one of those guys that points and whines and cries. "I do so much and get so little" "where are MY results?". It's been a long whiny 30 years :)

Recently though it dawned on me that a lot of my failures can be attribute to laziness and lack of commitment to do the damn work. Like, I think I'm doing the work but in reality i'm just scratching the surface. I've just seen GaryVee talk about that if you are not for AT LEAST 2 years in the doghouse, really working it, building brick by brick, hustling your whatever-you-want to achieve you are never gonna be a winner. It's just won't happen.

It ring true to me. I don't know why it took me so much, it's not like I did not know it after all. I truly believe in hard work. But I guess there's one to believe and another to do the work. There's one to talk about doing the work and another to spend time doing it.

Every day is a new chance to do the work, apply yourself, and amaze yourself.
There's also a new chance to do the same shitty things you do.
A chance, a choice.



Speaking the truth.....most "overnight success" you hear about actually took years. The grind isn't glamorous so it's not often shared.

there's a bit of glamour in the grind imho! on a personal level

Wow. Man! Where have you been?! I see your comments on FB and that was when I was glad you were fine.

I do agree with you. I personally have lost a couple of opportunities due to being lazy about it. It sucks when we think about it buh its kinda a motivation for us to become better than our past.

Rooting for you to turn things around and hit those goals.

hey hey! lots of work, man in "real life". Also a bit lazy :)) How have you been?

being lazy is the single biggest factor in loosing out. my friends were to lazy to setup a btc wallet in 2013/14. now everybody is asking me about how to do that.. well at ATH..

haha. oh man, i swear I was the same...it seemed too complicated and really useless, why even bother. It boggles my mind now that there were fucking gaveways of tens of btc like nothing. OH WELL!

haha so true ;) but same goes for steem. you get free steem for just signing up. so... there is always another chance ;)

but you know, there were people too lazy to set up a steemit account back in the day ;)

;) so true ;)

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