"Woman" in my perspective

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Hello everyone...

What is definitely "woman" in your perspectives?

This might upset some people but: i don't think there is anything in the world thats "definitely woman" or "definitely man". Borrowing a friend's expression, we are each a 'sundae ice cream' with a different mix of feminine and masculine traits that make us who we are. Any attempt to put the many colourful sundaes into boxes or a certain spectrum is almost futile. Some may categorize certain characteristic that i think make me a woman as masculine traits, which opens up a whole other debate i don't want to engage in. So Sundae ice cream it is.

That is not to say that i am sex-blind: of course some of us have vaginas that work very differently from penises. but many people feel like they were born with the 'wrong' organs, so that's also complicated. For now let's just focus for creating a world where your gender doesn't matter and we are all guaranteed equal opportunity.

Please let me know in the comment if you are agree or disagree with me and tell me your reason.

Let's spread love and good words. :)


I think this video touches the problem in a quite good angle:

Hi @viog37 thank you for your comment. i watched the video and i think you are right.