You are part of cryptoland and at the same time want a strong government is just wrong

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I am in the train right now and i'm thinking why does a country exist?

A country is probably a group of people who tries to achieve something together, you know common goal.

That's why political border exist, some country want to do agriculture like Thailand some want to export labor like Philippines but are those born in the country share the same values as those who govern them?

I've read about how government in Switzerland works via the canton system, it's fascinating it is probably the most decentralize government in the world.

It is human nature to be around woth those who are like you e.g the black lives matter and white supremacist movement in USA.

It's just human nature, yes you can intermarriage and all that but at the end of the day you have to choose the language you speak, the culture you want to celebrate and the religion you associate yourself with even an athiest.

We have bitcoin maximalist, bitshare heroes see a lot of diversity yet we are force to share the same value with the passport of a country we hold.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we can have canton government and vote for every decisions in realtime soon enough.

Robots, oh robots... RoboCop

Imagine that... Public service done by Machines without prejudice.

Cryptoland means self governance, meaning self education, meaning you do not have to trust government to decide for you, to follow their policy, to be scripted.

It's more than just money, it's having impact than self driving cars.

Japan wants their yen on blockchain call Jcoin.

Ok japan is homogenous, it's easy but a country like Malaysia?

Not so much, it is a peaceful country because the people tolerate others or india or indonesia?

Seriously i believe the Javanese want to do all things in Javanese and Acheh, what about Hong kong cantonese?

We are not Machines, what makes life interesting is visiting other country to experience other culture not visiting Singapore to experience China!

Blockchain can do that, blockchain and machines will defend your rights better than any government representative.

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