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Do all angels live in the Sky?
No. Some of them are among us..

Friends, today I've decided to touch a very special topic - human's mercy.


I was motivated and inspired by Julia, that very woman who helped us to transfer money to Kazan grandmother fighting with the CPS.

I knew and I told you that Julia is a head of a charitable organisation that exists for many years already.

We often see examples that people devote their life to charity when they're alone, they have neither a family, or they have too much money (often "dirty" money), and thus they try to "clean" their souls.

In this case all these examples don't work.

Julia has a wonderful family, she is a mother of 4 kids!
Their family has a small business - a blacksmith shop, and it's their own way of income, so they aren't millionaires at all, but they do try to help as many people, as they can.


Her page in the social web is always full of tragic and touching stories of people in need. but this time I was impressed the most!

Many people critisize people in charity blaming them in hidden profit-hinting or other hidden motivation of his good deeds.

Sometimes it's close to the truth, sometimes it's just people's anger and envy.
Raising funds, transferring money, buying of different things which are needed by others - we can see these variants of charity and help rather often.

But do you know many people who can SELL THEIR OWN FLAT to help another person and TAKE HIM TO THEIR OWN FAMILY because he has no place for living and no relatives and friends?

It's Julia..

I saw a story of an old man, who had lost everyhting he had just in one moment, and actually he stayed alive only thanks to great luck and his angel in the sky..

But soon he found another angel - it was Julia.

So what was his tragedy?

here is the video report in mass-media about it

Vladimir Alexeevich, a 75-year officer of the army, was a well-off person who lived with his wife in the mountains of Kazakhstan. He bred bees and treated people with herbs. Soon his beloved wife died..

After the death of his wife, he decided to sell the farm and the house and move to Russia, since it is difficult to live in solitude in old age.
He planned to buy a house in Russia, but when he was going to his new place of living by train, a tragedy happened. It ruined everything he had!
He was attacked by some strangers who crippled him and took away all his money and documents. He was thrown out of the train like a kitten, a 75-year old man!!
He was about to die, but some people found him and sent to the hospital.
More than 10 days Vladimir Alexeevich was unconscious, he didn't remember anything that had happened to him...

But his body was the main memory of that black day - an old man lost one of his eye, he could hear almost nothing, and his feet didn't work and couldn't hold his body...

So after the hospital Vladimir Alexeevich appeared among people without a specific place of residence, just in the street, like a homeless person.

It's Julia

Julia got information about this story from the social web, and she couldn't pass by. When she met him, her heart melted... it was so clever, so wise man with great experience and an amazing life story that can be a plot of a masterpiece! And now he is just lost and left in the street, blind and deaf...
And his moral condition was not better than his physical health.
Just imagine - to lose everything - a wife, a good life, a house, money and even health!
The life turned upside down in one moment! it's great heart-breaking stress.

Julia could help him with money or just started to raise funds as usual, but she understood - it's too little in this case, and she took Vladimir Alexeevich to her own home and made him a part of her family!

An old man needed a surgery on his eye that had a smal chance to see. He needed a powerful and expensive hearing aid and much different medical help.
Julia tried to find money, but it was too small sum to cover all needs...

And she decided to sell her own flat (a small one, that had been empty for some years) to pay for treatment of Vladimir Alexeevich!!

News about it in mass-media

What a big heart she must have...Hard to imagine..

Since that time 2 years passed. Julia payed for all kinds of medical help Vladimir Alexeevich needed, and he still lives in her family!

She calls him "our grandfather", her family loves him as he is really their native grandad!


He learned to walk without feet, to hear a little with the help of the most powerfful hearing aid, to orient in Julia's flat having only one eye that can see a little after the surgery Julia paid for.

But still there is one big problem.
Until now, Julia had to ask friends who have a bathhouse to take the old man to wash.
He is a disabled person, so it's very difficult to do it in a bathroom.
He can not wash in the shower, he simply has nothing to stand on without special shoes, and it's physically difficult to immerse him in a bath.
People who do not face disability will not understand this grandiose problem.

Asking friends about giving a bath for two years is terribly inconvenient, and Vladimir Alekseevich dreams of a bathhouse to continue the hobby of his life - herbs treatment.

Moreover, the bathhouse won't be used just by this old man, Julia's organisation helps many old people, who are left without help, every day, and who can't take care of themselves and just can't have simple hygiene procedures because of health problems. So it will be used by all who need it!

Julia ordered a log cabin for a bathhouse. Now they are preparing the foundation, but as it turned out, the assembly of the log house and the roof are very expensive works, and Julia's family can't cover all these costs.

She organised raising funds for hundreds of people during her charity activity, and now she needs it by herself..

Of course, I can't pass by this story and Julia's entreaty for help.
I'll donate some money to help old people in need, and the money from this post will also be a part of this sum.

Why have I decided to share this story here?

Because it really has touched me greatly!

I have never met such mercy people in my life, and Julia's deed is more than just charity or just kindness, it's endless love and care of all who are in need, just like Angel's protection..

Moreover, I've learned about #Ophumanangels tag from my dear friend @lyndsaybowes, and wanted to support and develop this great idea.

Lyndsay is right: we're not used to speak about our good deeds, it's considered to be wrong or to be just ostentation.

From the other hand, our life is full of anger, agression, envy and other dirt and mess of this world, and we listen and see it every day and everywhere.
So there's disharmony - we keep silent about good deeds and human-angels but speal loud and often about human-devils.
Is it right?
Maybe it's better to change the tendency?

So let this story be a small piece of our huge ocean of good deeds!


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Thank you for introducing Julia to us, she is indeed a Human Angel! I would like to donate as well, I will send it to you. <3 What a ray of Hope!


thank you, dear!!

Wow, what a truly giving human being! A human angel, indeed. I'm so glad their "grandfather" has a family again. <3


yes, it's his second birth..
thank you!

your story was heart touching...Luckeyly the the old man was survived for julia.


thank you!

Очень трогательная история, от которой вся спина в мурашках. Я уверен, что за всю свою добротцу и Вы и Юля, обьязательно получат вознаграждение, о котром Вы и не могли мечтать :) Удачи Вам и Любви.


и не говори. надо ж такое..в 75 лет человеку такие испытания...как он бедный выдержал все это..

very good post

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People like Julia are Earth Angels who are so much full of love and compassion