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Today I visited a very special place in my community. It's called the Garage of Blessings and it's located about a 45 minute drive from our house. I first read about this place online this weekend and really wanted to check it out. It's run entirely by volunteers and is only open a few hours a day during the week. But everything there is free! Yes, you read that right, free!

The Garage of Blessings was started in Oak Harbor, Wa in 2012 by one woman. She had collected a ton of donated items and put it all out on her front lawn for people to come take for free. It was a huge success and soon she needed to rent space to keep doing it! She has moved the operations a few more times since then, having outgrown each successive space. Now it is located in a 6000 sq ft warehouse and they receive more donations than they can keep up with.

In addition to providing free items such as clothes, shoes, toys, books, games, coats, food and housewares, they also provide free haircuts for anyone in need on the spot!

The following is from the Garage of Blessings Facebook page:

"The Garage of Blessings, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.
6000 sqft of FREE shopping for ANYONE in need. Donations always welcome & re-distributed free."

After I dropped the kids off at pre school I decided to make the drive and check out this amazing place. Of course, my inner anxiety tried to talk me out of it. I hate that particular drive, for one thing. In order to get to the town of Oak Harbor, first you must drive over Deception Pass Bridge. It looks like this:

image source

It's really pretty, but it's 2 narrow lanes and this bridge has some serious bad juju you guys. This is a place of wonderous beauty, but it's also a place that desperate people very often come to jump. It's sad and it always makes me nervous to have to drive over it.

Beyond that, my anxiety was also telling me that if I had the money to put gas in my vehicle and drive 45 minutes to get some free stuff, then maybe we didn't really need the free stuff. I had almost talked myself out of it, until I realized that I had 2 perfectly good ride on trains that the twins never use anymore. I decided at the very least, I could go donate those toys and take a look at the place. I sternly told myself that it's more like trading if I find items we need, so quit being so stupid and just go already. I took these little trains...


The place was large and full of great useable items! I actually did find a few things we could use. A couple pairs of jeans for the kids and a hoodie. And a nice dress for me. The kids' pre-school is having a fundraiser auction with a plated dinner and all that at the beginning of next month. I don't have any nice dresses, or money to buy one. So for me, this was a blessing received. And I felt less conflicted about taking the items since I donated some also.


I'm so thankful that a resource like this exists in our community. We are lucky that we have so many caring and wonderful people living here and I'm happy to support as many of them as I can. I'm also greatful to be able to use these resources myself when it's necessary. I know where most of our future donations are going. The Garage of Blessings!

This isn't a traditional ophumanangels I guess. But I feel like I "angeled" myself, if that's possible. I needed a dress and couldn't afford one. Instead of letting my head stop me from receiving a blessing I needed, I went with it. And not only did I help some other families with our toy donation, but our family was helped as well. That feels good and I wanted to share it. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Love and light to you all!

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I love the Garage of Blessings!!! What a beautiful idea, one I hope sweeps the entire world as we create an abundance for all...we already have enough to go around, many times over, it's all about the sharing. I'm so uplifted reading about this, and that you overcame your anxiety and went over there! A beautiful exchange, the trains for the dress! I hope we get to see you in it :) That would be lovely, <3 Big Love @khackett! You so Rock Sis!!!


Aww! Thank you. 😘

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Ooh! Cool! I don't have a bitshares wallet yet, but it's been on my to do list for a while. I'll get it done today and find you on discord. 😁


Oh my gosh, thank you. That project looks so cool! Trophy tokens sound awesome. Thanks for nominating me. 😊

YAY, I am glad that you went over that Bridge, I hate that damn thing and Never like it. Good to see that you got out of the house too.

There definitely is more good then bad in this world. Thanks for sharing 👍

That's pretty cool that they just give away everything for free.


Right? It's such a huge thing to do, running a non profit is a ton of work. But the amount of people she's helping, it's just fantastic. 😊

I love your new dress <3
I am glad your anxiety didn't win:) It looks like it was a good trip. Really cool place, I love these for the community.


Thank you, I don't wear dresses very often, but that one just looked comfortable and really pretty. 😊

This is great! All of it - you overcoming anxiety, finding things to donate, finding things you need, the fact that such a great place exists! I love this so much!
Side note, my Pagan ass would be crossing that bridge tossing salt out the window, or holding a sage bundle, or burning a black candle or something, lol. Cleanse! I read a funny meme just yesterday that went:
Me: (passes blunt to the demon in my house)
...and I'm like, yep, that's a lotta Pagans I know ...lol.


Haha, right? If i ever have to walk over that bridge I'll be bringing my hula hoop filled with salt. Don't mind me, just warding off demons. 💃




Good job facing down a couple of your fears at the same time! I have been on that bridge, and you are not wrong! What you didn't mention is that there's no shoulder on either side. There are the barriers to keep your car from falling off, but there's no extra room. And when you pass an RV, oooh, boy! Grip that steering wheel a little lighter.
Glad you found some stuff you can use! And it helps to get it for free. #moneyforfoodandrent

Giving away free stuff ain't easy, it is an amazing job what that woman is did and how it is gathering volunteers for the task, I always like to said that nothing is free on this world, we stand on the shoulders of the people that has come before us, and they had to paid a hefty price, I hope that place helps a lot of people that can't pay the price of being alive today, or at least increase their wealth so they can live a little better, so we may have a better future for us and this planet, thanks for sharing this @khackett.

As free stuff is helping people, Steemit is also helping me to, and I appreciate this kind of work a lot.

WOW! JUST WOW! Indeed a garage of blessings! Can't believe it's free! Super cool! It's be nice if we have it in here(Philippines) too. It's really nice when you are able to help too. Give and take they said!

By the way, the bridge is really lovely but the story of depress people jumping on it makes it really creepy for me to just pass through it. woah!


I know right? Someone had just jumped from the bridge that morning. It's really one of my least favorite places to have to drive. But it was worth it to see that amazing place. 😍

How big these people are, to dedicate themselves to such a generous project is amazing, I wish there were more people with the desire to only be able to offer help to others, but it is a beginning, and for sure someone will be very happy about your donation, a small gesture for someone it can be a lot for someone else. Thanks for sharing this @khackett.

Brilliant thigoodnews