A Most Eggcellent Eggventure!

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It's Easter and that inspired me to do a different kind of #ophumanangel today! The kids did thier Easter egg hunt in the backyard yesterday and had so much fun! I thought, why not recycle a few of the plastic eggs and make them into little #ophumanangels treats for people to find?

First, I printed out some cute little banners and wrote messages on them. Then I cut them into strips and rolled them up. Each egg got 1 scroll message and 1 peice of candy. (Our kids got way too much, so they're helping in this op without even knowing it. ha!)

Art Photo Collage.jpg

Spring Outfit Ideas Fashion Photo Collage.jpg

@chackett is on his way to work in Houston for 20 days. It's been 3 years since we've had to do the airport goodbye. It always makes me so sad the day he leaves, and usually a few days after. It takes time to get used to your best friend not being there by your side every night. I think this op was maybe more for me than anyone, but it helped me feel less anxious about the next 20 days. I just had to do half of them in egg puns, because who doesn't love an egg pun?! It made me smile to write them, and I needed a smile today. Hopefully whoever finds these will get a kick out of it.

I went for a walk around the block in our neighborhood and dropped the eggs wherever I could without a neighbor spotting me. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air. It rained some this morning but the sun had come out and it was a pretty nice walk.

The Drops!


That was my Eggcellent Eggventure! Thanks for reading and as always, love and light!

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That's awesome.. how did you get all the drops in one picture?


Used gif maker editor app to make a gif of the pics. 😁

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Oooh YES YES YES!!!! Uninstall that anxiety and install that awesomeness into so many people's lives!!! Brilliant punny messages...awesome repurposing of too much candy and those eggs, I would jump for joy if I found your treasures!!! <3 <3 Creativity to the Max Sis!!! <3 Thank you for the smile you have given me...

Sending tonnes of hugs.....


Aww! Thanks Angel sis! ❤❤

I love it! And I love that you turned your anxiety into helping others feel good! 💜
We're like, the mental health squad.
Where there is anxiety, we will leave eggcelent gifts!
Where there is depression, we will chalk happy messages!
We are...
Mad angel skillz, yo.


Thanks phe! ❤❤

Nice! I am sure that people will appreciate finding these! Ha! My parents live near Houston - so hot there! Ha! :) I hope that you do well for the next 20 days!! You can do it!


So far so good! I'm lucky I have my parents nearby to help out with the kids. 😍😁


That is so nice to have parents close by!!

Wow, so inspirational what you have done @khackett! #ophumanangels Yeay! :)

That is ADORABLE!!!

Uninstall what? I kinda caught it, but it makes me dizzy to read words like that...

Did you share some eggs with the homies? It ain’t no fun if they can’t have none.


Oh sorry! It says, how do I uninstall anxiety?




I love it! Eggcellent Eggventure! Don't be sad @khackett, @chackett will be back soon safely for you and your family... Keep smiling! 😍

Yes! Such a good idea. And taking candy from babies... always a good idea! No good can come from the little ones having candy. Besides, their haul might be what you need to get through the day. ;)
I hope that the transition to have @chackett gone for a bit isn't too tough. That's great you're all going to be getting a bit more moolah out of the deal. It's not easy, but hopefully it's just for a season.




Ha ha, it's so true!

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What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

It would have been great, to see how people find what you are hiding with your words of good wishes.

haha what a bright adventure the little messages are great I love all the pun eggcellent work, you put so much effort, thank for sharing you are eggceptional @khackett, Best Luck.